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Provides mathematical modeling and analysis services to support critical financial, operational, and/or strategic planning decisions and engages in supporting project teams in value added activities that generate practical solutions to complex business problems, explores new business alternatives, and drives improvement in business decisions.


Meet the CIEO team:



  • Develops the approach and methods to define and solve management problems through quantitative analysis and analytical models, using operations research, statistics, machine learning, forecasting techniques and structured programming languages
  • Provides on-going analytical services to client organizations
  • Builds mathematical modeling, forecasting, applications development, and provides client support
  • Leverages understanding of the business process to identify and implement solutions that will result in significant bottom-line contributions
  • Participates in model design, prototype, and model development for several efforts that occur simultaneously, and interfaces with product delivery groups
  • Identifies, researches, or solves large complex problems using big data
  • Designs analytic plan/develop hypotheses to test; understands limitations of analysis (what it can and cannot be used for)
  • Understands the intuition behind the numbers (i.e. does it make sense?)
  • Keeps informed about the latest analytical methods and research
  • Communicates results to management and clients
  • Contributes deck content and builds the story for the deck with guidance to summarize findings
  • Speaks in a manner appropriate for working team and their level +1
  • Raises concerns when scope of analysis may not align with time available and can choose an appropriate scope of analysis to conduct balancing ROI to time available
  • Identifies solution quality risks and on-time risks
  • Understands the business value, process, and expectations before focusing on choice of a technical solution
  • Anticipates working team questions to data and approach
  • Develops and delivers presentations aligned with CIEO standards

Qualifications – External


  • Advanced degree (MS, or PhD or ABD) in operations research, statistics, or other related quantitative discipline involving quantitative analysis and application of advanced operations research principles/statistical methods
  • If MS, 1.5+ years of experience applying operations research principles/statistical methods for solving complex business problems
  • Coursework or work experience with mathematical programming or probability/ forecasting techniques
  • Coursework or work experience in model prototyping through use of either optimization toolkit(s) including CPLEX, AMPL, or OPL, or statistical package(s) including SAS or SPSS, Minitab and/or BI tools
  • Coursework or work experience with C, C++, Java, R, Python, or other structured programming language
  • Good business, technical, verbal/written communication, presentation and sales skills. Adaptability to changing business environment
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to interact with clients
  • Proficient with MS Office
  • Successful completion of interview required to meet job qualifications
  • Reliable, punctual attendance is an essential function of the position