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Launch and accelerate your career with SAP by diving into our 18-month, full-time rotational program: SAP Next Talent. This explorative and career accelerator for recent graduates has opportunities in software development, design, and data science. 

Join a talented community of tech innovators and experience impactful, project-based work, tailored training, and networking opportunities with leaders across our global ecosystem. Do all this while you discover your passions through SAP’s array of teams, industries, and technologies across our five offices on the West Coast: Palo Alto, San Francisco, San Ramon, Newport Beach.

SAP Next Talent will launch your career by diving into the vast, innovative world of SAP. The 18-month rotational program allows you to Explore, Develop, and Make an Impact as a full-time employee. Here’s how:   

  • Join a cohort of other curious, passionate and motivated individuals  
  • Exposure to a vast array of teams during each unique 6-month rotation – where you will experience different technology stacks, products, industries while refining your knowledge and understanding of the business  
  • Receive impactful projects, tailored learning, 3 layers of mentorship, and networking opportunities   


With this program, you will be better equipped to determine which teams within SAP best align with your passions and career goals. Rotations occur across all 3 SAP California Bay Area offices: Palo Alto, San Francisco, and San Ramon (relocation offered) as well as virtually out of our Newport Beach, CA office. Before completion of the program, you will be considered for placement within the company long-term, either in a team you rotate into or a similar team. To date, 90% of participants have been placed in one of these teams.  

This accelerator program is for recent graduates with strong curiosity and applicable experience in software development, design, or data science. Cohorts start in the summer/fall (2022) and winter (2023).   


Required Qualifications:  

  • Education or relevant practical experience in Software Development/Engineering (Bachelors, Masters, Community College, and Bootcamps welcome to apply)  
  • Must graduate during 2022
  • Fluent in English; written and verbal communication skills   
  • Ability to work out of Palo Alto, San Francisco, and/or San Ramon offices  
  • Currently studying or residing in the United States – SAP Next Talent currently does not support U.S. work authorization sponsorship. 

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