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M13 Therapeutics is a MIT-founded gene therapy startup developing a next-generation platform

for redoseable in-vivo gene delivery. Our company is harnessing the human phageome to

engineer a diverse set of nanoparticles, called phage-derived particles (PDPs), to deliver

genomic medicines to human cells with high efficiency and specificity.

PDPs are highly engineerable scaffolds capable of multi-functional capsid display of cell

type-specific targeting and endosomal escape moieties. Furthermore, PDPs enable the

packaging of minimal phage DNA (mpDNA) cargos exceeding 20 kb, translating into the ability

to package >99% of human genes as a therapeutic.

Our mission is to treat human diseases and create impactful science in the field of genomic

medicines. We are an early-stage startup where employees will have the advantage of growing

with the company and shaping our culture and vision.


Cambridge, MA


M13Tx’s platform is expanding to drive capsid discovery across an array of therapeutic

indications. As a member of the M13Tx team, your role will be to design and support capsid and

mpDNA cargo engineering in one or more focus areas such as the liver, muscle, or CNS with

the goal of discovering PDP parameters with functional or targeting potential for gene therapies.

This is a highly collaborative position in which you will work with members of the core M13Tx

team to build a bank of PDP variants and design in-vitro and in-vivo screens.


In this role you will develop an in-depth understanding of M13Tx’s platform. You will plan and

execute engineering workflows, and will build new platform capabilities for transgene cargo and

capsid engineering and validation. Responsibilities include:

● Define capsid parameters for core variant banks

● Design and perform cloning of engineered phagemid and helper vectors

● Amplify and build diverse PDP batches

● Manage and optimize bacterial production lines

● Build and perform PDP quality control validation assays (e.g. western blotting, gel

electrophoresis, TEM/AFM)

● Perform transfection and transduction experiments to evaluate novel vector designs

● Configure and coordinate platform high-throughput screening workflows

● Analyze and interpret results throughout production and testing


● PhD in biology, biochemistry, biomedical engineering, or a related field

● Experience in the gene therapy or bacteriophage therapy fields

● Deep expertise in molecular biology techniques and vector design (e.g. PCR, ligations,

restriction digestions, and plasmid cloning/assemblies)

● 5+ years of wet lab experience

Preferred qualifications

● Hands-on experience with with recombinant protein production or phage

production/display workflow and optimization

● Familiarity with cell culture manipulation techniques (e.g., sterile technique,

transformations, transfections, cell-based assays)

● Experience in cell assay characterization (e.g. qPCR, immunofluorescence staining, flow


● Expert knowledge of organ physiology in liver, muscle, CNS or in other areas that

present new opportunities for gene therapy


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