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Employer: opun ai

Expires: 05/01/2021

Bring bleeding-edge approaches in machine reasoning and deep learning research to opun’s comprehensive platform for disaster management. In this role, you will be working cross-functionally across research, frontend, backend, DevOps, and infrastructure teams to develop and launch solutions using AI to drive the product vision. You will also take the lead in design discussions for achieving high performance scalability, measuring uncertainty in inference, and improving reliability in production.Be curious, ask lots of questions, and learn along with our team while working in an iterative and fast-paced startup environment!Core requirementsExperience with common machine learning frameworks e.g. TensorFlow, PyTorchExperience training machine learning workloads and models in computer vision, natural language processing, or speech recognition/text-to-speech.Familiarity with widely used open-source projects in the domains you’ve worked in. As an unrelated example if you’ve worked in pose estimation before, it’d be expected that you would be familiar with commonly referenced libraries such as OpenPose.Familiarity with recent developments in AI, and new research articles in the domains you’ve worked in.Interested in delivering technical presentations on literature review, and hold brainstorming sessions with other researchers.QualificationsCS degree and foundational machine learning/deep learning courses or equivalent industry experienceAvailable to join our team on-site in Los Altos, California