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Position:            Research Scientist – Battery Material

Reports To:       Manager, R&D Cathode Development

Location:           Waltham, MA


A123 Systems, LLC is a leading developer and manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries and battery systems for the transportation and commercial markets.


Position Overview

The research scientist will perform cathode material development and evaluation of oxide-based chemistries such as Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC, NCA) and other chemistries including LiFePO4 and Li-rich oxide. This position will support cathode active material development and down selection for high energy density applications, cathode design, electrode optimization, and statistical data analysis for electrode and cell quality of next-generation batteries. The Cathode Scientist will be a key team member in an aggressive R&D effort to produce and commercialize next-generation electrode materials for solid-state battery applications. Primary job responsibilities include developing cathode doping and coating chemistry, technology, and solution for high voltage stability against solid electrolytes.

Primary responsibilities

  • Cathode materials development and selection for next generation solid state batteries.
  • Cathode coating chemistry and method development for the solid-state battery. 
  • Innovation in material compositions design and procedures for improved performance at reduced cost.
  • Plan and execute DOE (Design of Experiments) independently, analyze results utilizing statistical methods, and establish the correlations of multiple factors/parameters.
  • Electrode design and optimization including density, porosity, formulation, and A/C ratio.
  • Evaluate emerging cathode materials, electrolytes, electrodes, and cell designs per A123 requirements for next-generation products with high performance and low cost.
  • Analyze cell data to evaluate the performance of the electrode materials. Plan and execute root-cause analysis of failures. Take appropriate actions to keep the project on schedule.
  • Collaborate with a cross-functional team in communication with material suppliers on the development and validation of new material specifications, and the resolution of any quality issues.
  • Document results; prepare reports and present data to a group of researchers.
  • Train engineers and technicians for proper experiment execution and data collection/analysis.
  • Domestic/International travel will be required when situation permits but will be limited to 10% of work time.


Specific Skills/Background


The position requires a self-starting, highly organized individual capable of identifying opportunities and taking responsibility for project implementation.


  • Ph.D. with a major research effort in LIB and 2+ year industry experience.
  • Knowledge of major components in Li-ion batteries, including cathode, anode and electrolyte.
  • Knowledge of major technologies of solid state batteries, including NMC cathode, solid state electrolyte, interface compatibility, ionic conductivity and electronic conductivity and Li-metal anode.
  • Hands-on experience of material synthesis and electrochemical tests including CV and EIS is a must.
  • Expertise and success in the design and development of components and cells for lithium-ion batteries.
  • Experience in cathode surface coating technology for the solid-state battery.
  • Experience with DOE methods as a tool to optimize synthesis method and condition.
  • Experience in different physical and chemical characterization tools for powder, electrode, and various types of prototype cells.
  • Knowledgeable in electrochemistry fundamental/ testing methods and how to apply these tools to the development of innovative cathode materials.
  • Strong capability of analyzing test data and communicate relevant learning’s to stakeholders.
  • Thinks analytically – the ability to break down problems, gain understanding, and make effective decisions.
  • Demonstrates an aptitude for independent and creative thinking and capability of solving complex problems utilizing innovative approaches.
  • Excellent oral communication skills with the ability to speak with clarity and discuss effectively with co-workers.
  • Self-motivated and a team player.

Additional comments about the position: 

Initiation, responsibility, attention to detail, and comprehensive analysis are essential; a team player with a positive attitude and the ability to operate with minimal direct supervision is a major plus.