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Under the direct supervision of the Battalion Chief – Emergency Command Center (ECC) and working with the Communications and Technology division, the Research Data Analyst I (GIS) (Geographical Information Systems) will perform the following duties and responsibilities. Support Department GIS applications and Operations *Provide Geographic Information System (GIS) support through editing, manipulating, analyzing, and displaying spatial data. *Coordinate and collaborate with other San Luis Obispo County and State of California agencies and personnel implementing GIS. *Coordinate with various Unit staff to determine the need for GIS support. *Integrates various databases and applications from various sources for analysis of complex spatial relationships. *Help prepare presentations or publications for staff that helps make information available to the public Manage GIS Library *Assemble, document, edit and verify GIS Data according to SLU Data Standards. *Coordinate with Research Data Analyst II and Pre-Fire Engineer. *Collect geographic information from aerial imagery, survey notes, records, and tabular data. *Coordinate with County GIS for road and address geometry and/or attribution updates. Provide GIS and Data support to Unit Departments *Maintain, create and develop spatial data for Altaris CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch). *Ensure accurate topology and data attribution of various geometries for CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) maps using detailed quality control. *Coordinate with various Unit and Districts staff for data validation and approval. *Support Pre-Fire Engineer with data collection, statistics, and reporting. *Instruct and supervise CAL POLY interns Emergency Incident support throughout San Luis Obispo County *Utilize data from field personnel and data library to apply scientific and cartographic design to produce maps for incident briefings and planning meetings. *Ensure completeness and accuracy according to PMS-936 Standard (NWCG). *Attend GIS user group meetings (San Luis Obispo County GIS COI and SLOGUG). Other job duties as required.