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  • Location: Filling roles in various regions on the West Coast (WA, OR, CA, WY, ID, CO, MT)
  • Compensation: $275-$350 per day at camp, depending on the size of the camp and position. Camps can last anywhere from 5 to 60 days, with most trending towards 8-14 consecutive days. After 14 consecutive days, you are required to take a 48-hour break. 
  • Three catered meals per day are provided once on site. 
  • Pro-deals on outdoor gear from Mountain Hardware, Outdoor Research, Therm-a-rest, Darn Tough, Black Diamond, and more after your first fire.
  • Hours: On average 12-hour days with mid-day break/flex time. 
  • Lodging: Our team camps in the same area as the firefighters and other camp staff. There are porta-potties, shower trailers, and running water available. Must provide your own tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, etc. 
  • Start date: July 1– TBD (for students, once school is back in session. For non-students, it’ll be through the season’s end.) Most of the work will be July-October. 
  • Rolling Applications now accepted through September

Perennial Zero Waste works with the U.S Forest Service to recycle at wildfire incident response camps along the west coast. This job will be working within a team of energetic and motivated individuals to implement and monitor recycling operations for firefighters and incident command at wildland fire camps. 

We achieve this by collecting, sorting, and hauling recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and non-perishable food. We also focus on educating and training firefighters and support staff. The goal of the recycling program is to achieve a minimum 30% diversion from the landfill. 

Past employees have found this job to be a good fit when seeking a seasonal, on-call position that allows them the flexibility to take on other part-time positions or travel while having the option to work on fires. This position is also a tangible way to make a difference in the face of the ever-overwhelming climate crisis. We are all responsible for being a part of the solution!

NOTE: When called to deploy, you must be able to respond to the team lead with availability within 2-3 hours and arrive at the scene of the incident within 36 hours. This is an on-call/seasonal job only, no set hours or guaranteed work. You do not have to say yes to a fire call and it won’t be held against you if you decline, but the more availability and experience you have will increase your involvement.

Job Duties

  • Collecting, emptying, and sorting bags of waste/recyclables from in camp and the fire line This is the majority (80%) of the work
  • Distributing recycling bags and training firefighters on proper sorting 
  • Researching local recyclers and hauling options for transportation of recyclables 
  • Engaging a variety of facility and fire camp personnel in proper waste sorting and handling 
  • Daily recording and reporting measurements for collection of diversion data analysis 

General Skills and Experiences 

  • Team player who works well with others and has a desire for everyone to win 
  • Clear and professional communication with team and supervisors 
  • Understanding of waste streams and waste management processes (can be learned)
  • Dedicating yourself to accomplishing daily tasks to the best of your ability 
  • Working with diligence and professionalism 
  • Understanding your needs and those of your teammates 
  • Flexible schedule and attitude, able to deal with unexpected situations 
  • Customer service minded, helping us to provide our service with grace and professionalism 
  • Able to be physically active for long periods of time (standing/walking for most of the day)
  • Self-motivated in daily tasks and takes initiative within different aspects of the job 


  • Must be able to lift 40+lbs 
  • Must be in good health and able to withstand long hours outdoors in unpredictable temperatures (some days it can be really hot, some days it can snow or rain) 
  • Must have your own health insurance
  • Have your own transportation to the site with a valid driver’s license and insurance or be willing to carpool. (Various travel arrangements can be made depending on camp location)
  • Must have a current tetanus shot, and be fully vaccinated (and boosted) against Covid-19
  • Must have camping equipment (tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag) to sleep on site

If this job sounds like a good fit for you, we would love to have you join our team! Please submit the following in PDF format: 

  • Resume
  • Availability through the summer and fall

Please submit your application via email to with the subject: Wildland Fire Camp Position 2022_Last Name or apply at the provided Google Form link.