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We are seeking to hire a Production Lab Scientist in our South San Francisco lab for Myriad Women’s Health. The Production Laboratory Scientist is responsible for assisting licensed testing personnel and for the general maintenance at a highly automated, high-complexity testing laboratory. The individual in this role will assist with equipment maintenance, inventory management, and identifying and reporting nonconformance within the laboratory. This individual will ensure efficient workflow within the laboratory and will work under the supervision of clinical laboratory scientists (CLSs) and general supervisors. 

We are hiring for the below shifts (includes overtime and weekend shift differentials):

A1: Sunday- Wednesday 7:00am-5:30pm PST

A2: Sunday- Wednesday 11:00am-9:30pm PST

B1: Wednesday-Saturday7:00am-5:30pm PST

B2: Wednesday-Saturday 11:00am-9:30pm PST


The production laboratory scientist is responsible for the following duties.

General Duties

– Assisting licensed testing personnel (other than trainees)

– Assisting in preventive maintenance and troubleshooting

– Assisting in the performance of quality control procedures

– Labeling barcodes on sample tubes

– Preparing and storing reagents as instructed

– Organizing and cleaning lab space and equipment

– Setting up and shutting down equipment

– Completing other tasks as assigned by the general supervisor or their designee

Inventory Management

– Stocking reagents and consumables

– Refilling water and discarding non-hazardous waste

– Receiving deliveries

– Reordering inventory

– Performing inventory audits

Sample Storage

– Receiving samples

– Archiving samples to storage

– Retrieving samples from storage

– Sending out samples for testing

Process Control

– Documenting non-standard process events and issues in the appropriate Jira board

– Notifying a CLS or supervisor of such events as soon as possible

– Completing Jira documentation punctually

For lab-specific responsibilities details, refer to CLP-00020 Lab-Specific Job Role Specifications.


• A BS or BA degree in a chemical, physical, biological, clinical laboratory science, or medical technology from an accredited institution (required)

• Experience with laboratory operations and procedures (preferred)

5 Skills

• The ability to work diligently with minimal supervision

• Basic computer proficiency

• A good attendance record

• Punctuality

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