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Employer: Camp Towanda

Expires: 06/01/2021

Join our camp family this summer for a challenging and rewarding job experience that will give you the skills you need for your future. Make a difference in the lives of our campers, while enjoying our beautiful outdoor facilities and working with people from around the world. Learning Objectives:Build upon the knowledge of your major and strengthen your customer service, management and hospitality skills.Improve self confidence and initiative by working with a diverse, multicultural staff. Understand logistics and operations related to managing a children’s summer camp.Strengthen leadership, teamwork and communication skills while experiencing the importance and impact of being a positive role model to hundreds of children.Take advantage of networking and mentoring opportunities from our Leadership Team, Alumni and Parent Network.Internship Overview:As a Leadership, Human Resources and Management Intern, you will work closely with our Staff Liaison with ongoing staff training and relations throughout the summer. You will gain access to and understanding of the operations of a summer camp business that employs over 300 staff and has 500 campers. You will be given the opportunity to understand and work with all departments including Finance, Marketing, Food Service, Transportation, Programming, Department Heads and Head Counselors.You will be invited to attend our Leadership Training, to gain a deep understanding of the employee expectations and skills required of our leadership team. You will meet with all members of our Senior Staff, who will give you an insight into their roles and responsibilities throughout the summer. During the summer you will be a part of surveying our staff and providing feedback to our management team. At the end of the summer you will help analyze the results and provide recommendations.Camp is a full-fledged business, with the added bonus of working with kids in a nature setting. Being a part of this program first hand will certainly give you the quality experience you are looking to add to your resume. The position is ideal for Resident Assistants (RA’s) that want to continue and improve upon their leadership development.Daily Responsibilities:Your primary role will be working with the campers as a counselor or activity specialist, living in a cabin with campers and other co-counselors. Working at camp simply as a counselor, in-and-of-itself, provides hands-on experience and leadership opportunities, while building skills that hiring managers are looking for, such as flexibility, adaptability, initiative, self-direction, social and cross-cultural skills, productivity, accountability, leadership and responsibility. As a Leader at camp, you will be directly responsible for the welfare and whereabouts of your campers. You will work with the Head Counselors and other Senior Staff members to manage your team of staff and campers that you are directly responsible for.Benefits of Interning at Camp Towanda:Individually tailored experience to meet your goals, working with school advisors so that you get the most out of your internship.Hands on program, working directly in your discipline. Real world work experience in the outdoors vs. an office or corporate setting, getting coffee or pushing papers.Receive routine feedback and supervision by a professional with expertise and educational/professional background in your associated field.Satisfy school internship requirements and earn credits if needed.Hours/week: Working at camp is not your typical job/internship. You are living and working at the same place in an immersive community lifestyle for 8 weeks. Work with a diverse team from around the world, impacting and inspiring today’s youth.Work on the set of the movie “Wet Hot American Summer”. Yup, it was filmed here! Join a vast network of Staff, Alumni and Parents that can connect you with future endeavors. THIS IS A PAID INTERNSHIP. Pay scale depends on experience and qualifications. Plus, housing, meals, laundry service and travel reimbursement are provided!   CAMP AND COVIDIn May of 2020 we made the tough decision to close our business for the season. You can view our closing message here. Looking ahead to 2021, we are confident that we will be prepared and ready for the challenges. We are working closely with our Medical Team to safely make this summer the best one yet! Now more than ever, the importance of Camp is evident; the fresh air, connecting with nature, impacting our youth and fostering a healthy, nurturing environment for the next generation to grow.APPLY NOWThe next step is to fill out our online application. We will then connect to set up a video interview over Skype, Facetime or Zoom. Our internships are integrated with our hired camp counselor positions; there is one application. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 570-253-3266 or jared@camptowanda.comBe sure to check out our website and watch out videos! You can also read more about us in our Company Profile here on Handshake.