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Employer: Gavin de Becker & Associates (GDBA) – Office

Expires: 08/13/2021

Who You Are:You want to work with people, and you want the work you do to have a positive impact on their lives.You harp over details because you realize they matter. Your presentation is flawless.You are a list-maker. Your schedule is always well-maintained, and you feel accomplished at the end of every day. You think on your feet and can adapt to schedule changes or technology malfunction.Your Google Drive is active and well-organized. You’re also a whiz at Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel; you have a bag of tricks when it comes to using these programs. Nice To Have’s:You’ve worked in an office before, and you are comfortable in a fast-paced work environment.You’re poised and self-assured. You feel comfortable enough to cold call someone you don’t know, or speak in front of a group of people, or step in to answer someone’s questions.You’re interested in recruiting – you’ve done it before, or you can envision enjoying the work.You’re comfortable with software, specifically the basic functionality of applicant and/or application management software.Responsibilities & Expectations:Assist with GDBA’s recruiting operations.Post new jobs to GDBA’s website and job boards.Schedule and facilitate video conference, webcam, and in-person interviews.Manage our application management database.Organize logistics for departmental events, including facilities coordination, travel arrangements, and schedule management.Work directly with our Manager to ensure operational success.Compile and present monthly reports, as needed.Provide administrative support and assist with other division projects, as needed.