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In a world where words like – innovative or state-of-the-art – have become commonplace, the researchers at CCG are seeking something extraordinary: to shape the future. CCG research scientists and engineers are renowned subject matter experts, consultants, inventors, collaborators, and visionaries. Opportunities to learn and advance in your field are unlimited.

– Stay abreast of the latest advances in computer science, mathematics, physics, and engineering.

– Explore, develop and implement research approaches and advance in your technical field.

– Spend time in mission areas learning what problems and challenges operators and analysts face, and then create and apply solutions to support CCG’s mission.

– Collaborate with national laboratories and academics at world-class universities.

– Leverage CCG’s Technology Transfer Program to license, develop, and commercialize technologies that meet mission goals, advance science, and foster innovation.

– Publish in world-class journals and regularly attend and participate in conferences in your field of study.

CCG is seeking experienced research professionals with strong electrical engineering and computer science backgrounds. If you are a subject matter expert in one or more of the following areas ‘ apply now and put your intelligence to work for the nation!

– Experimental development of coherent measurement system for multi-qubit devices

– Quantum information science device theory

– Computational research in quantum information science materials and devices

– Novel electromagnetics and RF technologies

– Hardware trust

– Trusted Computing

– Integrated Photonics

– Active devices for Beyond Moore’s / Cryologic

– Advanced computing systems

– Mobile/telecom 5G and 6G technology

As an Engineering and Physical Science professional, you will use your skills to create the systems and tools that will be used to enhance the operation of intelligence. You will advise, administer and perform scientific projects, such as planning, designing, and constructing specialized equipment, and ensuring adherence to sound engineering and scientific standards and principles. We offer multiple areas of focus for facilities engineers, including computer, architectural, electrical, mechanical, and structural. In addition, we are seeking skills that include computer design, microelectronics, radio frequency design, and systems engineering. Apply your science and engineering skills to protect the nation.