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Are you a computer science or engineering professional? Are you interested in Cyber Security, reverse engineering? Do you enjoy CTFs? Is your idea of a good time building a robot from spare parts? Did you solve your Calculus homework using FPGAs? Are your Sunday mornings filled with bug bounty hunting?

Career Communications Group Inc is seeking highly motivated Computer Science and Engineering professionals to solve complex problems, test innovative approaches, and research new solutions to propel our mission. As a Capabilities Development Specialist (CDS) at CCG, your job will be to develop high-priority offensive and defensive capabilities targeting the hardest-to-reach adversarial networks in the world. In defense of our Nation, we conduct innovative research and produce hardware and software tools unlike anything in the world. By joining our team, you will apply and grow your expertise to create new ways to get critical information to our national decision makers. Whether it is in software, hardware, or cutting-edge research, if you are up for a challenge, have unbridled curiosity, and a drive to develop tomorrow’s technologies and tools today, apply now to join our team. Use your unique experiences and expertise to protect national security interests as part of the world’s most advanced team of computer science and engineering professionals! If you have interests, skills, or experience in one or more of the following areas, we’d like to hear from you:

– Software Specialties: Strong software development skills (C, C++, Assembly, ARM); Software RE/interactive debugging tools (e.g., Ghidra, OllyDbg, gdb); Software/mobile application vulnerability analysis and exploitation

– Hardware Specialties: – Hardware RE, design, development, or testing (Verilog, VHDL, FPGA, PCB); Testing and debugging tools (JTAG, Oscilloscopes, etc.);

Job roles may include:

– developing exploitation capabilities and analytics to enable foreign target network collection

– designing hardware components and systems to further signals intelligence missions

– analyzing sophisticated malware