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NLP Data Scientist



Data Scientists in Global Tech – Sam’s Technology are responsible for analyzing large data sets to develop custom models and algorithms to help with Conversational AI and Virtual Assistant products. As a Data Scientist, you work on large project teams to provide analytical support, technical direction, and guidance to develop and deploy scalable NN models in NLP and Conversational AI projects (for example, help center automation, virtual assistants, voice e-commerce systems, roadmap execution, and consumer recommendations). Your experience on working on NLP problems with sequence-to-sequence models, transformer-based NN, hugging face, question answering, etc. will help Sam’s Tech build the next cutting-edge technology in conversational AI.


Key Responsibilities

  • Understand and translate business and functional needs into AI/ML problem statements.
  • Collect large NLP data sets from multiple sources and build algorithms for predicting future data characteristics. Those algorithms will be tested, validated, and applied to large NLP data sets.
  • Develop and improve highly scalable algorithms based on state-of-the-art machine learning techniques in NLP (for example, NLU, NER, slot filling, disambiguation, etc.) projects.
  • Research new trends in the industry and utilize state-of-the-art NN models in the context of Dialog systems (for example, Transformers, TensorFlow, Pytorch) and analytical skills to support complex enterprise environments.
  • Apply the best coding skills to platform development projects along with other data scientists and software engineers.



  • Proficiency in Natural Language Processing (NLP) knowledge such as text classification, Named Entity Recognition (NER)
  • Machine learning knowledge such as NN and other supervised learning models, multi-class classifications, decision trees, support vector machines, time series forecasting, deep learning and anomaly detection
  • Python programming skills, experience in using tools like sklearn, TensorFlow, docker, Microsoft Azure, etc.



Education Requirements

  • Master’s degree in Data Science or Computer Science with thesis on NLP domain, and record of NLP courses in grad school.


About Global Tech

Imagine working in an environment where one line of code can make life easier for hundreds of millions of people and put a smile on their face. That’s what we do at Walmart Global Tech. We’re a team of 15,000+ software engineers, data scientists and service professionals within Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, delivering innovations that improve how our customers shop and empower our 2.2 million associates. To others, innovation looks like an app, service or some code, but Walmart has always been about people. People are why we innovate, and people power our innovations. Being human-led is our true disruption.

We’re virtual

Working virtually this year has helped us make quicker decisions, remove location barriers across our global team, be more flexible in our personal lives and spend less time commuting. Today, we are reimagining the tech workplace of the future by making a permanent transition to virtual work for most of our team. Of course, being together in person is an important part of our culture and shared success. We’ll collaborate in person at a regular cadence and with purpose.