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EcoSwell is a surfing-inspired and multiple award winning sustainable development non-profit (NGO) driving the development of poor Peruvian coastal communities through a path of sustainability. We develop environmental, educational, infrastructure and socio-economic projects working hand in hand with local communities and international interns.

This volunteer internship is open to all disciplines, but is ideal for those interested in international and sustainable development. Undergraduates, postgraduates, PhDs and/or professionals are all welcome. However, we do ask for:

– Minimum age 18.

– Basic experience or strong motivation to work as part of a team. However, the most important thing is that you have an open mind, positive attitude and willingness to learn!

We are looking for people passionate about sustainable development to support us in the day to day management of the organisation. The benefits of taking part in this volunteer internship are:

– Enhance your CV and gain professional hands-on experience managing sustainable projects in an international development NGO, having a real and positive impact on vulnerable communities.

– Work alongside and learn from experienced & passionate professionals from a range of disciplines.

– Learn from our educational seminars given by our Directors on topics including but not limited to: international development, NGO/social enterprise creation and management, marketing and outreach, research techniques and more.

Daily activities will vary depending on our current projects but volunteer interns will be able to get involved in a variety of online and in-person tasks (depending on which placement you choose) and development initiatives including, but not limited to;

Project Wilipipe – Tide and swell charts for the local fishermen

This project involves creating and distributing tide and swell charts for the local fishermen each week. These charts provide them with vital, scientific data which improves their productivity and economic wellbeing.


An important aspect of managing a non-profit organization is finance. As an NGO management volunteer intern, you will be supporting accounting processes, work with spreadsheets and financial performance metrics and reports.

Social Media/Website

As a rapidly growing organization, we are always expanding current projects and creating new ones whilst running community events. There’s a lot going on at EcoSwell every week and we need help documenting it all! You will be supporting by taking photos and making videos of all the ongoing activities as content for our social media platforms. Our website is also continuously improving and new sections need to be created to communicate our impact. Volunteer interns can get involved in creating the content and helping develop these new web sections.

Project monitoring, data analysis and evaluation

Many of our ongoing projects require monitoring and evaluation of the project’s progress for current and future sponsors. NGO management interns can get involved in designing and carrying out surveys in the local community, analyzing data and report writing.

Project maintenance

NGO management volunteer interns are also needed to support other volunteer interns and staff in the maintenance of our reforestation sites, permaculture garden, dry toilet units and more. This gives you a great opportunity to learn about and apply their knowledge and skills in a variety of aspects of sustainable development.

In-person Financial contribution

We require a financial contribution from volunteer interns. Bank transfer costs are included as well as the one off donation. Please bear in mind that there is a minimum of a 2 week stay at EcoSwell and maximum can be up to 6 months or more!

Two weeks (price per week $490) = $980

Three weeks (price per week $482) = $1,446

Four weeks (price per week $482) = $1,928

Five weeks (price per week $469) = $2,345

Six weeks (price per week $469) = $2,814

Eight weeks (price per week $469) = $3,752

12 weeks (price per week $448) = $5,376

Online Placement Financial contribution

The financial contribution required from volunteer interns for our online position is 33% less than that of our in person placement – please see details below.

Two weeks (price per week $335) = $670

Three weeks (price per week $330) = $989

Four weeks (price per week $330) = $1,319

Five weeks (price per week $321) = $1,605

Six weeks (price per week $321) = $1,926

Eight weeks (price per week $321) = $2,568

12 weeks (price per week $307) = $3,684

Since we have limited volunteer/intern spaces, if you have been accepted we will need you to secure your placement by depositing a non-refundable 30% of your placement’s total financial contribution within 1 week of being accepted. Full payment will be required 4 weeks prior to your arrival the latest. Any refund of the 70% of the full payment (minus all transaction costs) will only be available if cancellation is confirmed before more than 30 days of confirmed arrival date. No refunds of any kind will be available within 30 days of confirmed arrival date. Payment details will be given by our team during the application process.

As a result of the impacts of COVID-19, some families in our communities are struggling to feed themselves. By simply joining our program, you’ll be helping to feed a family in need. As a token of their appreciation, and with our help, they will plant a tree in your name. You will receive a photo with a thank you from the family you’ve helped.