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What’s the position?

An entry-level position in a fast-paced and quickly growing industry! Global Regulatory Writing and Consulting has developed an internship program designed to prepare candidates for a career in regulatory medical writing. This Global Regulatory Writing and Consulting CER Internship is designed to take smart folks with a strong background in technical writing, life sciences, or engineering and prepare them for a career in medical device regulations writing CERs. Clinical Evaluation Reports involve finding and analyzing safety and performance data for medical devices. These reports are submitted to regulatory bodies in the European Union so that the devices are allowed to be sold in the EU. 

The CER Intern position is a full time, paid position with excellent benefits. Opportunities for advancement are available. Global is a fully remote company and all interns will also work 100% remotely.

Wait…Is this an internship or a “real” job?

This is an entry-level position where learning is your job. Your position title will be “intern”, but this is not a coffee-run internship! This is a highly competitive program that has generated top-quality regulatory writers. The position is designed to train new employees (interns) and prepare them for highly skilled, permanent positions at Global through an intense training program, complete with 1:1 support and mentorship. This is a unique position that gives smart, hard-working folks, the opportunity and training they need to be successful in an in-demand field.

Who should apply?

The Internship is open to those who are about to or have recently received a MS or PhD in life sciences, engineering, technical writing, or a similar area of study. Applicants should be comfortable with reading and reviewing clinical research publications and data analysis. We highly recommend that candidates complete their studies before beginning the program. Students must be currently residing in the United States to qualify.

We are always on the lookout for great candidates and aim to start several cohorts each year – apply anytime! 


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