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Program Description

The goal of the Commitment to Health Equity (CHE) Program is to ensure that everyone in

the Pasadena community has a fair and just opportunity for optimal health and well-being

throughout their lives. The Program will support and expand existing health equity efforts by

seeking to:

• Develop and maintain relationships with community partners working in the health

equity space;

• Build organizational capacity to advance a health equity practice;

• Collect, monitor, and report data with a health equity lens;

• Assess organizational health equity practices and opportunities;

• Identify, adopt, and disseminate best practices to enhance health equity; and

• Increase collective capacity and commitment to create an inclusive, just, and respectful


The health status and life expectancy of Pasadena residents should not depend on the color

of their skin, where they live, nation of origin, gender expression, who they love, or how much

money they make. Public health data reveals these factors, and other social determinants of

health, are associated with poorer health outcomes. Data from the University of Wisconsin

County Health Rankings Model illustrates that health care access, social, economic, and

environmental factors account for 70% of the influence on the health of residents and how long

they live.

The data highlights the important role the City of Pasadena plays in building healthy

communities. As such, advancing health equity requires an intentional systems-based effort to

repair and prevent poorer health outcomes experienced by marginalized groups. The

Commitment to Health Equity Program will share data and best practices to facilitate discussion

across city departments and the community to update practices, approaches, and program

objectives with the ultimate goal of adapting systems to address the national legacy of social

and racial injustice that have led to and perpetuate health inequities in our community.

As a Health Strategy Catalyst, the Public Health Department recognizes the need for a

collective approach to address this complex societal challenge that extends beyond the borders

of our city. The Department is committed to serving as a backbone for community efforts to

improve health equity including, but not limited to: convening partners, providing consultation

to others, making recommendations, and tracking progress. The Public Health Department is

optimistic that together, we can build a healthier place for everyone to live, learn, work and


Management Analyst I

Responsible for analyzing, summarizing, and reporting health equity data and researching,

summarizing, and disseminating best practices in health equity. Additional responsibilities may


• Identify, research, evaluate, and summarize best practices in health equity

• Provide evidence-based technical assistance to City staff and programs

• Identify, curate, and facilitate learning and training opportunities for City of Pasadena

staff to improve understanding and build skills needed to address the social

determinants of health equity

• Create a departmental health equity dashboard to collect, track, and report


• Produce periodic reports analyzing contributing factors to health inequities

• Track and evaluate organizational activities and impact on advancing health equity

• Manage the department performance management plan including creating and

monitoring key performance indicators related to health equity

• Provide analytical and programmatic support to the Program Coordinator I