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This position will be open and available on April 13th, 2022. Please check back then and apply if you are interested.

This position is part of the Army Fellows Program and is a CIVILIAN position with the Department of the Army.


The Army Fellows Program use your talent as a federal civilian employee to make a positive difference, to make an impact on the world. The Army Fellows Program is a two-year fellowship as a federal civilian. We hire fellows as permanent, full time employees with full pay and benefits and guarantee placement after the fellowship for those who meet requirements.


We are seeking driven, high-performing teammates, and we will provide opportunities to apply your talent to make a positive difference through meaningful work. You’ll also learn and grow through a structured but flexible two-year developmental program that accounts for your existing knowledge, skills, behaviors, and preferences and for your career field’s professional competencies.


In this role you will, assist in the identification of resources (staff, funding, equipment or facilities) required to support varied levels of program operations. Identify and recommend improvements in organizations, programs and functions to maximize resource utilization, and promote efficiency and effectiveness of operations. Collect and review a variety of narrative and/or statistical data to prepare reports and/or conduct analysis of data to support conclusions or recommendations for action. Participate in various management analyses, evaluations and studies of organizations, activities, functions or processes.