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The Data Analytics Technology in MLP is looking for a Software Engineer to work on optimization of Big Data software and solutions. Candidate is responsible to develop and validate machine learning and deep learning benchmark product for measuring popular DL frameworks on different hardware. So far, our suite can support multiple popular deep learning frameworks and deep learning applications on Spark. Candidate is responsible to develop deep learning workloads of distributed Tensorflow/PyTorch and do related benchmarking on popular models. Job scope may be diverse during different stage of produce life cycle. The initial responsibility of hired employee will focus on developing products, tools and validation methods. The job scope may include:

• Participate in product concept readiness proving by implementing prototype, or collecting and analyzing data 

• Implement, deliver and refine product features independently 

• Collect, analysis, and improve product performance independently

• Work closely with colleagues to collect requirement, solve technical issue or share knowledge. 

The candidate should possess at least a bachelor degree Computer Science (or related with Computer field). The candidate should have following qualifications: 

Language: candidate should be solid on at least one of the following language and familiar with at least two 

• Python/Scala 

• C/C++/JAVA

• Shell

Deep learning: candidate should have experience in at least one of the following fields 

• Familiar with deep learning conception, algorithm, and distributed training/inference 

• Experience in deep learning frameworks is a big plus such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, MXNet 

o Have improved performance for one of the frameworks is a plus 

o Have implemented new model on one of the frameworks is a plus 

o Have ported a model from one framework to another is a plus 

• Experience in Spark/Hadoop is a plus  

• Good communication skills