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Are you a ML engineer/ Data Scientist with excellent programming skills?

We are looking for a Machine Learning engineer to develop products that secure large scale data centers.

Do you have:

  • Education background in computer science, math, statistics, engineering, or a related discipline
  • Experience with ML model development using python and/or java
  • Modern ML algorithms (eg. Unsupervised, Supervised, tree-based techniques, or probabilistic learning)
  • Experience with numerical computation software such as Nd4J, JBlas, NumPy, Pandas
  • Experience with Data cleansing and feature engineering
  • Supervised (classification) and unsupervised learning (Clustering) algorithms, model creation and optimization
  • Experience with Graph databases such as Neo4J
  • Experience with databases such as Elasticsearch, Aerospike and Kafka messaging, Java Spring

Nice to have:

  • NLP / Deep Learning (CNN, LSTM etc.) /PyTorch/TensorFlow / Transformers
  • Advanced degree in computer science, math, statistics, engineering, or a related discipline.
  • Advanced math skills (Linear algebra, Bayesian statistics, Graph theory, Optimization)

We are a small team, in a well-established company, committed to making the online world a safer place, as we enjoy close, professional working relationships, and the satisfaction of pioneering an unprecedented level of computing security.

Please note, we are currently operating in a hybrid working environment which calls for a blend of on-site and remote work.


If you have any further questions about this role, please contact Kyle directly at