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AILabs is a startup founded by Data-Core Systems, a 3-decade old tech outsourcing company. AILabs is dedicated to applying cutting edge machine learning models, on par with the largest hedge funds, to help any subscriber generate long-term wealth, protected by state-of-the-art risk management. Alongside, we plan to generate a portfolio of products and services related to decision making by corporate CFOs and fund CIOs, unavailable till now without innovative AI algorithms to model complex time-series and NLP to tame the exponential flow of multimedia data.


A select team will join a Silicon Valley-based venture either locally, remotely or in a hybrid mode and will be led by a well-proven fintech expert at Palo Alto, CA →


We will recruit recent bachelors, masters, doctoral grads, and postdocs with:

  1. Strong math-stats background and interests
  2. Python coding-based machine (deep) learning skills
  3. Ability to read and absorb technical research material
  4. Most of all, a passion for learning innovations in practical sciences


At AILabs, we offer a competitive base salary plus the following employee benefits: medical, vision, dental; paid vacation and holidays. Employees are also eligible for a company-matched 401k plan, life insurance and disability.


We are an equal opportunity employer.