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The vehicle and mobility simulation group at Argonne National Laboratory is currently looking for students to assist machine learning research efforts in the group. In particular, we are looking for students that have experience with working on large data analysis pipelines to clean, process, store, query, and analyze large-scale datasets.

The position requires familiarity with data engineering, processing, and analysis tools to build efficient data workflows.

It is preferred if the student has also familiarity with supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques for data mining, analysis, outlier detection, and imputation. Please submit example work samples, papers/reports of previous work that are relevant to the position to support your submission.

Before applying:

The internship is offered to start anytime for a period of 6 months or less. Please specify in the cover letter the following:

1) Your date availability.

2) Your student enrollment status (need to be an enrolled student during the period of the internship)

3) Your course load status for that period (need to be able to work full time i.e need to dedicate period for the internship or need to be on reduced course load with eligibility and approval from the university to combine work/study experience or need to be on fulltime summer internship period).

4) If you are not a US citizen, ensure you are able to work full-time through CPT.

Benefits: paid internship [$3000, $4000]/month depending on qualifications + reimbursement of a round-trip ticket to Chicago if needed for visiting Argonne National Lab (note: due to COVID19 working remotely might be necessary).

Duration: up to 6 months (full time), extension possible.