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Top Skills’ Details

1. Entry to junior level as a business systems analyst gathering and creating functional and non-functional requirements with and user stories/acceptance criteria.

2. Leadership qualities and ability to multitask and display excellent analytical and problem solving skills

3. Excellent communication skills and ability to be articulate/assertive and interact well with the business.

Job Description:

Analytical aptitude (demonstrated by case study assessment, references, past experience)

Technical aptitude and desire to learn new things (demonstrated by references, past experience)

Excellent communication skills both written and verbal

Ability to multitask and high attention to detail

Demonstrated leadership skills (Examples of where they’ve taken things on, led a project, etc.)

Demonstrated level of business acumen and aptitude and willingness to learn

Ability to be receptive and receive feedback and put into action

Demonstrate ability to apply skills and tools learned in a timely fashion

Driven, motivated and wanting to excel in one’s career and become part of the IT industry

Ability to solve complex problems and outline solutions and collaborate effectively (examples where they have accomplished)

Experience using Microsoft suite of products and experience working in a professional setting in some capacity in a related field

Computer Science Degree, MIS, Business Management, Business Administration degrees, Communications are highly considered

The BSA will be working within the Retail technology(UX Channel & Delivery) area of PNC Bank and across all of Retail. The daily responsibilities will entail gathering functional and non-functional requirements, working with rate changes, user stories etc. The role will be working on e-commerce and end-user based projects for PNC across a host of applications. This person will be also interacting with the business regularly so excellent communication and documentation skills will be utilized. This is for the products and services that PNC offers to every day consumers. This person must have the ability to be very deep dive into the app and interact well with the business demands. They must have a collaborative mindset but also work well independently.

The day-to-day responsibilities will include writing user stories, finding backlog, starting early in the morning to interact with business and work well independently. They will potentially be working with calculation fees, interest rates, loans and whatever the business is going to present to individual customers. The user stories will involve writing to a customer, “this is what we are going to offer you based on the info we have on you.”. The candidate will also participate in ceremonies and work in that space.