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Investigative Analyst: Early Warning & Threat Prevention

Doing business or providing essential public services in the 21st century requires navigation through numerous layers of digital, infrastructural, financial, and political domains merging and intercepting one with another across hundreds of international jurisdictions. 

In this chaotic environment, the ability to identify, assess, and address threats to prevent fatal damages becomes imperative.

We are offering an exciting opportunity to begin/advance your career in cybersecurity and business intelligence as an Investigative Analyst on our Security Team. In this role, you will assist in analyzing and assessing risks to corporate enterprises and public agencies helping our customers and Law Enforcement partners to ensure that any threat emerging in the most well-concealed underground lacunes will be exposed, reported, and disrupted. 

We are looking for critical thinkers with advanced knowledge of today’s business, market, and financial environment who are willing to independently research complex corporate risk landscapes and convince decision-makers to take necessary action. You will be uniquely positioned to investigate how cyber threats impact different industries, sectors of the economy, or services, and provide critical analysis to further advance cyber prevention.

Within the Early Warning & Threat Prevention role focus, we are seeking analysts who can combine both investigative research and intelligence delivery duties. This implies the ability to balance analysis and product development. A successful candidate will be able to develop advanced financial and business risk models, create detailed threat scoring, and offer an accurate analytical prognosis for an incident’s potential impact. At the same, we are looking for candidates with an ability to convey these research findings into convincing and readable reporting that will encourage decision-makers to properly address potential threats and maximize the benefits of early-warning and proactive measures.

This is a fully remote position! 

Salary range: $55,000-$70,000 (based on experience)

Position Responsibilities:

Investigative Research:

  • Produce fact-based and data-driven intelligence memos on potential exposure, breaches, or active incidents that can affect businesses or the public sector.
  • Provide expert robust research, modeling, and analysis on the scale and depth of impact that a specific threat can have on organizations, in both the short and long term.
  • Manage customer requests (RFIs) and produce highly-customized, in-depth intelligence reporting per request on subjects such as specific cyber incidents, attack developments, actor profiles, and threat actor TTPs.

Intel Delivery Responsibilities:

  • Develop and improve intel reporting formats for different types of reports, including early warning alerts, breach reports, and RFIs.
  • Participate in and conduct intelligence briefings and presentations for customers and partnering intel teams.
  • Apply quantitative and data analysis to develop statistical reviews and data visualization in order to illustrate security trends and threat dynamics and encourage preventive action.

Applicant Requirements:

Core Requirements:

  • BA degree in international economics, finance, law, security studies, journalism, or other related fields. A graduate degree, advanced training, or certificate in a risk-related area is a major plus.
  • 1+ years of work or internship experience in the area of insurance, business analysis, marketing, compliance & due diligence, audit, risk analysis, intel product development, threat research, or other related fields.
  • Proven knowledge of the standards and formats of today’s business reporting. Proven record of producing finished business intelligence reporting, research, and/or models on contemporary risks for business processes and organizations, including financial, corporate, reputational, operational, regulatory, investment, and legal risk research.

Additional Requirements:

  • Critical thinking with the ability to summarise analytical assessments in a convincing, intelligible, concise, and customer-oriented manner. Knowledge and understanding of contemporary style and formatting of business and financial reporting.
  • Attention to detail at the highest level and the ability to accept and apply constructive feedback are a must.
  • Interest in the current cybersecurity trends, mechanisms of attacks, TTPs, methodologies applied by threat actors, and tools of cyber defense is a plus.

  • Availability to work a full-time schedule with the understanding of security environment requirements, i.e occasional additional hours and weekend work.

For handshake applicants:

To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter to In your cover letter please elaborate on how your previous academic and work experience have equipped you with skills in producing business intelligence and threat analysis.