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Employer: Articence Inc

Expires: 06/30/2021

NLP Data ScientistLooking for EXPERTS in NLP and TEXT AI. Please apply only if you are that expert.As an AI NLP Data Scientist you will be responsible for building AI and Data Science models with a main focus on data extraction and insights from form or any text corpora.You will need to rapidly prototype various algorithmic implementations and test their efficacy using appropriate experimental design and hypothesis validation.Key Skills RequiredBachelor’s degree/Currently Pursuing in a quantitative field such as statistics, computer science, engineering or applied mathematics, or equivalent work experienceKnowledge and working experience in one or more of the following areas : Natural Language Processing, Clustering and Classifications of Text, Question Answering, Text Mining, Information Retrieval, Distributional Semantics, Knowledge Engineering, Search Rank and Recommendation. Deep experience with text-wrangling and pre-processing skills such as document parsing and cleanup, vectorization, tokenization, language modeling, phrase detection, etc.Proficient programming skills in a high-level language (e.g. Python)Being comfortable with rapid prototyping practices and developing clean, production-ready code.Being comfortable with pre-processing unstructured or semi-structured data. Experience with statistical data analysis, experimental design, and hypothesis validation.Project-based experience with some of the following tools  Natural Language Processing (e.g. Spacy, NLTK, OpenNLP or similar) Applied Machine Learning (e.g. Scikit-learn, SparkML, H2O or similar) Information retrieval and search engines (e.g. ElasticsearchELK, SolrLucene) GraphLab Databases ( traditional and NOSQL)Familiarity with Deep Learning architectures and frameworks such as Pytorch, Tensorflow, Keras,BERT, RoBERTA etc.