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Employer: Gozzer Ranch Golf & Lake Club

Expires: 09/26/2021

Role and ResponsibilitiesTo service dining room as needed on Club Property coordinating with dining manager for greeting and seating of members and guest at high end private club:Performs greeting function competently. When possible, greets a member/guest by opening the front door to Clubhouse and/or passenger side of a car door when a car pulls up in the front drive.·    Projects a sense of calm and control at the front desk.·    Exemplifies hospitality standards, practices “name magic” i.e., getting to know the members by name, handles requests and complaints with member satisfaction as a priority.·    Adheres to standards of personal cleanliness and professional appearance. Displays attentive posture and a confident, cordial disposition.·    Cooperates with management and co-workers and assists others with duties, if needed. Communicates suggestions for improvement in a positive manner. Exhibits punctuality, dependability and, if the need arises, willingness to work unscheduled shifts.·    Maintains organization of hostess area, prepares station chart and assignments.·    Maintains menus (typing, printing, and placing in menu covers).·    Maintains reservation sheets. When taking a reservation:-    Confirm member(s) name along with guest(s) name, if feasible, with proper spelling.-    Confirm amount of people in party and location of reservation (i.e., dining room, patio, private dining, etc.).-    Ask if there is a special occasion to be celebrated (i.e., anniversary, birthday, etc.).-    Assists with to-go and/or delivery orders communicating between manager, member, server, valet etc. to ensure proper items delivery or requests are completed.  Uses proper telephone etiquette and techniques.-    Answer the phone within 3 rings.-    Speak clearly and consistently.-    Proper telephone greeting should include who you are, where you are, and time of day such as, “Good Evening the Gozzer Ranch Golf and Lake Club this is (employee name).-    Offer to take a message or transfer effectively to proper extension – see list of extensions posted near phone and instructions for transferring a call as needed. –    At conclusion of call, thank member, such as, “Thanks for calling Mr. Smith. Enjoy the rest of your evening”.-    Follow reservation policies and refers inquiries to appropriate manager.·    Functions as information center by demonstrating knowledge of hours of operation, upcoming, and special events, etc.·    Leads members/guests to correct table maintaining a comfortable pace. Carries members/guests’ cocktails, when appropriate. Pulls out chairs, hands menus to members/guests and conveys a “welcome” to everyone.