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Employer: Suning Holdings Group Co. Ltd.

Expires: 07/29/2021

Job Responsibilities 1. Cultivated as a group management leader, assist the group to carry out related work; undertake important functions such as business planning, organization/performance/process standard system construction, provide support for major decisions of the group’s senior management; undertake basic work related to supply chain logistics related positions and various special projects; 2. Participate in the daily management of logistics group related business; 3. Participate in logistics automation equipment research, business data analysis, planning and design of logistics warehousing distribution sites, and preparation for construction; 4. Assist in the investigation and improvement of external research, new product development, and business processes; 5. Participate in logistics group supply chain optimization and daily process optimization. Job Requirements 1. Graduated from September 2020 to September 2021, full-time enrollment of master degree and above; 2. Logistics, industrial engineering, transportation, supply chain, statistical mathematics and other related majors are preferred; 3. Have career pursuits, strong ambitions, can independently and actively carry out work; rigorous and practical work, strong resistance to pressure; strong learning ability and communication and coordination organization ability;be passionate. 4. Experience in winning scholarships at or above the college level or as one of the heads of student organizations or clubs in the school. Experience in school organization management is preferred; 5. Those with relevant internship experience in well-known Internet, retail companies or logistics companies are preferred.