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Employer: Suning Holdings Group Co. Ltd.

Expires: 06/29/2021

Job Responsibilities 1. Cultivated as the group management leader, assist the group to carry out related work; undertake important functions such as business planning, organization/performance/process standard system construction, and provide support for major decision-making of the group’s senior management; undertake basic work related to online operations and various special projects; 2. Assist the overall operation of the online platform, including page planning, event planning, etc., track platform operation data, use big data analysis, accurately analyze user behavior, promote the improvement of user experience, and promote accurate marketing for members; 4. Assist the comprehensive analysis of the products and industries on the platform, monitor marketing data, transaction data, and commodity management, formulate timely response strategies, and propose marketing improvement measures and process positioning and operation optimization; 5. Assist the external promotion planning of the platform, improve click-through rate, page views and conversion rate, and be responsible for PU and UV. Job Requirements 1. Graduated from September 2020 to September 2021, full-time enrollment of bachelor degree or above; 2. No limit to majors, corporate management, business management, supply chain management, public management, economics, e-commerce, brand communication, marketing, psychology, mathematics and information management and related majors are preferred; 3. Have a career pursuit, strong ambitions, can independently and actively carry out work; be rigorous and practical in work, have strong resistance to pressure; have strong learning ability and communication and coordination organization ability; 4. Experience in winning scholarships at or above the college level or as one of the heads of student organizations or clubs in the school. Experience in school organization management is preferred; 5. Those with experience in marketing and event planning during school are preferred; 6. Be interested in the Internet and e-commerce, familiar with the main development direction of smart retail; be able to use professional knowledge, combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, accurately analyze various problems, and give timely and effective solutions and ideas; have a keen market research and analysis capabilities ,has a keen insight into the fashion trends, and user thinking and marketing awareness are preferred.