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Employer: Suning Holdings Group Co. Ltd.

Expires: 06/29/2021

Job Responsibilities: 1. Be cultivated as the group management leader, assist the group to carry out related work; undertake important functions such as business planning, organization/performance/process standard system construction, and provide support for the group’s high-level major decisions; undertake basic work related to the retail industry and various projects; 2. Assist in product research by category or brand, participate in communication and negotiation of supplier contracts, promotional resources, and prices; conduct investment invitation and merchant management of open platform merchants; 3. Assist in formulating the company’s marketing strategy, brand marketing plan, digital marketing plan, media communication plan, etc.; 4. Investigate and analyze the industry market dynamics, tap customer needs, refine product ideas and selling points, and assist with reasonable and effective market strategies and recommendations; 5. Analyze the overall trend of the category competition market, etc., and output the data on product category investment invitation and brand pool adjustment suggestions. Job Requirements: 1. Graduated from September 2020 to September 2021, full-time enrollment of bachelor degree or above; 2. No limit to majors, corporate management, business management, supply chain management, public management, economics, e-commerce, brand communication, marketing, psychology, mathematics and information management and related majors are preferred; 3. Have a career pursuit, strong ambitions, can independently and actively carry out work; be rigorous and practical in work, have strong resistance to pressure; have strong learning ability and communication and coordination organization ability; 4. Experience in winning scholarships at or above the college level or as one of the heads of student organizations or clubs in the school; Experience in school organization management is preferred; 5. Those with experience in marketing and event planning during school are preferred; 6. Be interested in the Internet and e-commerce, familiar with the main development direction of smart retail; be able to use professional knowledge, combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, accurately analyze various problems, and give timely and effective solutions and ideas; have a keen market research and analysis capabilities , has a keen insight into the fashion trends, and user thinking and marketing awareness are preferred.