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If you want to learn operations, people skills, and business leadership, this is the opportunity for you! This position offers the most unique, fun yet demanding, and rewarding atmosphere in which a student could spend their summer. This is a position that will assist three department directors in all aspects of operations in the Foods department of an amusement park. From personnel management to operations to distribution to cooking, the student will be exposed to many different aspects of park operations. The student will have the opportunity to be part of the planning, preparation, and execution of a full park season. This position involves the execution and management of a department of over 350 employees. The student will have the opportunity to develop and extend leadership, communication, and management skills through extensive contact with department heads, managers, employees, and guests.

It is difficult to describe all the challenges that the student will solve during the summer and all the benefits from which they will derive. Every student that has served as an intern has experienced both tremendous personal and professional growth.



April/May 2022–August 2022. Weekends only April-May, full time between Spring semester and Fall semester, optional weekends-only after Fall semester begins. Flexible dates are available. 


Specific duties:

• Oversee department of over 300 employees, including five direct reports

• Develop the knowledge, experience, judgement and confidence to perform the duties of a Foods Department Director

• Provide support for all aspects of the Foods department

• Participate in all aspects of food preparation and sales during peak times

• Conduct new employee training and orientation

• Develop rapport with new and returning managers, employees, and international students

• Connect with Area Managers to provide daily management, personnel, and operational support

• Complete daily documentation, including daily schedules, checklists, tracking forms, and employee records

• Maintenance of in-park point-of-sale system and marketing assets

• Identify new opportunities for improving sales and marketing

• Assist with point-of-sale maintenance, including database programming and troubleshooting

• Regulatory compliance and standards enforcement, including Labor Department regulations and food safety practices

• Participate in weekly department planning meetings

• Work directly with owners and department heads to accomplish tasks

• Assist in planning, preparing, and executing a one-day, adults-only Oktoberfest and additional special events

• Participate in social activities with over one hundred international college students

• Assist in resolving an interpersonal conflict among staff members

• Develop and exercise appropriate discretion and judgement in dealing with employee matters

• Prepare and deliver performance reviews



• Ability to work in fast paced environment and handle stress

• Confident when troubleshooting and problem solving

• Strong belief in yourself, your abilities, and your perseverance

• Fast, intuitive learner

• Excellent listening skills

• Be on feet for long periods; walk several miles a day

• Effective verbal and written communication skills

• Past customer service experience

• Experience using point-of-sales systems, including cash handling

• Experience serving in a position of leadership

• Able to work outside in all summer weather conditions

• Independent, resourceful worker

• Prepared to work weekends and holidays

• Lift and carry up to 50lbs



Business Management; Hospitality Management; Event Management; General Business; Finance; Management; Marketing; any major that deals with people or leadership.



$11.00/hour, plus bonuses

• Pay period bonus program

• Season-end bonus program

• Housing available

• Meals and uniforms provided

• Five days a week, roughly 9am-6pm

• 45-50 hours a week during park season, no time-and-a-half

• Ability to work 50+ hours if desired

• Students selected for this position will work 500-700 hours during the spring and summer

• Flexible starting and ending dates

• Preferred parking

• Free admission to park on days off

• Access to Friends & Family tickets