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Troubleshoots and repairs service issues on equipment in the field in a timely manner, performs startup on tools at customer’s site and provides customer’s training. Performs customer retrofits in the field and PLC programming when required.


  1. Able to listen to the customer and troubleshoot problems and translate them into action items to repair.
  2. Able to repair equipment in the field.
  3. Able to train customers on equipment maintenance and operation.
  4. Able to read blueprints, electrical schematics and plumbing schematics
  5. Able to wire point to point wiring and solder according to blueprint.
  6. Able to assemble electrical including bundling wires in a neat and easy to access manner labeling all wires.
  7. Able to recognize electrical relays, controllers, switches and understand their use.
  8. Able to assemble valves, fitting and plumbing components leak tight.
  9. Able to write PLC code using ladder logic and troubleshoot code.
  10. Able to accurately wand time and materials on Global Shop
  11. Able to use power hand tools safely and efficiently including but not limited to drill motors, solder, multi-metes, crimpers, stud weld gun and drill presses.
  12. Able to weld various plastics such as pvc-c, pvdf, and halar.
  13. Able to communicate accurately with the customer and factory.
  14. Able to follow company procedures and document service issues, schematic changes, blueprints, etc.
  15. Able to contribute to team effort by cooperating, contributing and sharing knowledge and skills.


  • Knowledge: Good working knowledge of electricity, NEC, fire codes, SEMI codes, fluid dynamics and assembly techniques and safety . Working knowledge of PLC programming using ladder logic.
  • Skills: Skilled in analyzing and diagnosing equipment malfunction with a systematic approach utilizing deductive reasoning. Skilled in point to point wiring, mounting electrical components and problem solving as well as ability to use power hand tools, read schematics and some knowledge of systems control.
  • Education: High school graduate with AA technical degree preferred.
  • Level and type of experience: Two years in similar position. In-house procedures and regulations.
  • Working conditions: Normal manufacturing environment. Will be exposed to noise, dust and fumes.