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Employer: City of Fairfield

Expires: 08/21/2020

The City of Fairfield is in the initial stages of developing an Economic Development Strategic plan. The plan will set the vision and strategy for how Fairfield bolsters the local economy and ensures a financially sustainable City. The Economic Development Division is a critical driver of implementing the vision for Fairfield, and the primary conduit by which the City establishes healthy business relationships. Working directly with the Assistant City Manager, the next Economic Development Division Manager will be an integral part of advancing Fairfield as the economic center of Solano County.With renewed focus on being proactive, the City seeks to work with regional partners in attracting businesses within existing industry clusters such as advanced manufacturing, biotech/biomedical, food and beverage manufacturing, and supporting the operations of Travis AFB. Specific challenges include: revitalization and redevelopment of the downtown, an under-invested urban block-grid downtown, with a focus on establishing a restaurant and entertainment district, a TOD node surrounding a Capital Corridor train, and attracting mixed use housing; the reimagining of the regional Solano Town Center Mall to ensure it thrives for decades to come; and developing a citywide fiber optic broadband network.With a City Council that is motivated to support the expansion of the department’s efforts, the next Economic Development Division Manager has the opportunity to establish innovative incentive programs, marketing campaigns, and be a critical player in the City’s financial success.To learn more, visit: