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Diversity in Arts Leadership Internship (DIAL) Internship Program

Prospective interns must submit their applications through the Americans for the Arts job portal. You can access both New Jersey and New York City applications through the DIAL homepage. Applications that are not submitted through the American for the Arts’ job portal will not be considered.

Diversity in Arts Leadership (DIAL) internship program, administered by Americans for the Arts and national partners, matches undergraduate students from backgrounds underrepresented in arts leadership with dynamic communities, energetic host arts organizations, and mentors, to guide students’ personal and professional growth throughout the summer. In 2022, the nationwide, competitive selection process will grant paid, ten-week, internships with organizations based in New York City, Raleigh (NC), Sarasota (FL), Boston, Nashville, and New Jersey. 

To ensure an immersive and well-rounded experience, the summer includes:

  • Work placement at an arts nonprofit in one of six national locations
  • $4,500 pre-tax summer work stipend
  • 30+ hours of professional development workshops, facilitated discussions, and site visits through DIALogue Fridays
  • Individual mentor pairing
  • A national intern cohort + robust alumni network

The Programs

DIAL: New York City Internship (12 interns) |  Immerse yourself in one of the most culturally rich cities in the country.

New York City defines a thriving arts and business metropolis. An internship placement at an arts and cultural organization in one of the five boroughs would give you a local experience in an international arts hub. Selected interns will have the opportunity to work for arts organizations and make innovations inside individual business units of cultural organizations while learning about a wide range of arts organizations and roles across the five boroughs. DIAL: NYC is the largest cohort and is hosted by Americans for the Arts-New York. This internship is perfect for those who envision a future making innovations inside arts institutional systems.

Coordinating Agency: Americans for the Arts – New York

DIAL: New Jersey (5 interns)  |  Connecting artistically and culturally diverse voices. The full package arts internship.

New Jersey is one of the most ethnically, geographically, and linguistically diverse states in the entire country with an arts ecosystem to match. Every region of the State has its own vibrancy reflected in the arts and culture found there. The DIAL: New Jersey experience will offer an intern a full range of opportunities for learning about creative non-profit economies and partnerships while ensuring a close-knit support system for professional growth and discovery in the field of arts administration. This internship is perfect for the versatile and curious intern who will appreciate both an insider view of state level arts and culture policy and more grassroots approaches to the non-profit profession.  

DIAL: Nashville (5 interns) |  Immerse yourself in one of the most culturally rich cities in the country by helping Nashville drive an Equitable and Vibrant Community through the Arts.

Nashville might be known by its world-renowned music scene, but this city in the South is a cultural hub that supports and appreciates all intersections of the arts. This internship will immerse students in professional learning and support related to arts administration and equity work through both an internship at a local arts organization as well as support from Metro Arts, mentorships, and additional learning opportunities. This internship would be a great fit for an intern looking to involve themselves in the Nashville community to make an impact on the city through arts and equity.

DIAL: Boston Internship (6 interns) |  Join a community of arts leaders on the cutting edge of social change.

Boston supports emerging arts and cultural institutions with an emphasis on cultural equity, decolonization, historical reckoning, emergent strategy and creative justice. Interns will work with arts and cultural organizations deeply embedded in the Boston community, namely participants within the Cultural Equity Incubator cohort, while receiving support and mentorship from Arts Connect International. This internship is a great fit for humans with an entrepreneurial spirit and deep passion for justice and innovation.

DIAL: Sarasota Internship (5 interns) |  Enrich your artistic journey in one of Florida’s most culturally connected and historically unique cities. 

Sarasota is a city built around the arts and exciting performances, offering artists of all backgrounds and imaginations a distinct cultural oasis to explore, all under sunny skies and breathtaking waterfronts along the Gulf of Mexico. Selected interns will be paired with a meaningful experience developed by a local Arts & Culture nonprofit organization, as well as mentorship opportunities that will deepen their understanding of and professional growth in the field of arts management. This internship is ideal for those seeking to enrich their artistic leadership journey through community engagement to develop experiences that bring diverse audiences together through the arts.

DIAL: Raleigh – Wake County Internship (5 interns) |  Collaborate with local leaders to build a better community through the arts.

Raleigh’s art scene is thriving. With its world-class art museums and galleries, nationally acclaimed performing arts venues, active public art scene, and community of innovative and gifted artists, there are many reasons why Raleigh is known as the “Smithsonian of the South.” By fostering a vibrant and diverse arts and culture landscape, Raleigh and its surrounding towns strive to make the arts accessible to all residents. DIAL Raleigh interns will enjoy a community feel with all the big city amenities while working side-by-side with arts and private sector leaders who are creating diverse arts experiences. 

If you have any questions, please email Nikki Kirk, Equity in Arts Leadership Program Manager at