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Program Director at Milwaukee Water Commons in Milwaukee, WI – shared by Jobs That Help as a third party

Salary Range: $60,000 – 70,000 annually

Benefits: FTE 1.0

  • Four weeks paid time off  
  • Ten paid holidays per year 
  • Health, dental and vision coverage 

Key Principles of MWC Culture & Values  

Milwaukee Water Commons is a cross- city, cross neighborhood network that fosters connection collaboration and broad community leadership on behalf of our common waters. We promote stewardship, equitable access and shared decision making for our shared waters. We advocate on environmental justice issues, water justice, climate justice, and social justice. Our programmatic work is neighborhood based, although our organizational reach includes areas and communities throughout the Great Lakes Region. We strive to build a multi-racial, multi-cultural organization and anti-racist environmental movement on behalf of our waters.  

Milwaukee Water Commons organizes under four frameworks: The Commons, Collective Impact, Environmental Justice and Community Engagement. We believe environmental work and more broadly, work to support both healthy people and a healthy planet – has the greatest impact when it adopts an intersectional approach. By that we mean we must inclusively consider the connections between social and environmental systems, recognizing that vulnerability is often experienced as multiple compounding challenges that cannot be separated. To arrive at justice these challenges must be addressed simultaneously. We believe the community must be at the center of envisioning and decision-making about our shared waters.  

We are creating a workplace with guiding principles of integrity, accountability, diligence, perseverance, and discipline.

The successful candidate for this position must have the ability to demonstrate and apply MWC values and frameworks which are embedded in all agency roles. Applicants must evidence their values as part of the application process.

Position Purpose

This position is responsible for all MWC programs being completed successfully, bringing the highest possible value to the organization and community participants. The Director of Programming will create programmatic objectives in consultation with the Co-Executive Directors and will ensure programmatic objectives are met and implemented by program staff. To do so, together with our team, they will prepare, plan and implement program initiatives and monitor their progress to completion. 

Staff Management

This position is responsible for the daily supervision of program staff and requires the Director of Programming to build and maintain effective interpersonal and team relationships, throughout the agency. The Director of Programming will be invested in staff development and will work closely with staff to support their existing competencies, and skills, help to hone their strengths and develop new skills. This position constructively leads the team spirit and considers MWC’s mission and values in developing and maintaining team relationships, internally and externally. As part of their leadership, the Director of Programing will need to develop deep knowledge of the issues of the Water City Agenda, intersections of environmental justice, core programing, partnerships, and subsequent work plans for each area. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Primary responsibility of all aspects of programming, budgets, logistics and coordination.  
  • Ensure programmatic excellence, evaluation, staff supervision & management.
  • Assist in hiring, coaching, developing, supervising and retaining Milwaukee Water Common’s staff, consultants, contractors and volunteers.
  • Mentor program staff to provide feedback and resolve complex problems.
  • Regular communications with Co-Executive Directors.  
  • Assist the Co-Executive Directors in the strategic planning process for the programmatic and operational work.
  • Devise evaluation strategies to monitor performance and determine the need for improvements.
  • Discover ways to enhance efficiency and productivity of procedures and people.
  • Represent Milwaukee Water Commons to external partners and coalitions, as needed.

Qualifications & Requirements

The Director of Programming will be thoroughly committed to the mission and values of Milwaukee Water Commons. Candidate will have proven leadership, coaching, relationship building, and program management experience.  

  • Demonstrable experience as program director or other managerial position. 
  • Excellent facilitation and organizational skills.
  • Unwavering commitment to the tenets of environmental justice and MWC’s anti-racist tenets. 
  • Demonstrable belief in multi-racial, anti-racist organizing.
  • Action-oriented, adaptable, and innovative approach to community organizing.  
  • Ability to lead within teams – including building trust, conflict resolution and making fair decisions.
  • Ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people. 
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills; a persuasive and passionate communicator.
  • Ability to implement quality programs and data-driven program evaluation. 
  • College degree preferred. Significant experience and community recognition may substitute for this requirement.