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Job title: Director of Computational Drug Discovery and Structural Biology


The successful candidate will interface with medicinal chemists, biologists, biophysicists, protein crystallographers, research informaticians, other computational chemists, and program managers, with a primary responsibility of providing scientific guidance as a seasoned computational chemist coupled with a broad base of extensive prior drug discovery problem solving. Desirable competencies include structure-based molecular design, virtual screening, library design, peptide& peptidomimetic modeling, structural bioinformatics, chemi-informatics, statistical modeling, ligand-based 3D-pharmacophore development, database searching, conformational analyses as well as management of integrated drug discovery projects. Ability to engage key academics to help solve mechanistic questions. The position requires a Ph.D. degree in computational chemistry or a related field with ample firsthand experience in applying computational methodologies in a pragmatic manner that has clearly and demonstrably impacted projects. Experience in one or all the following: Protein-Protein, RNA-protein, and DNA-Protein interaction complexes is a major plus. Creative problem solving is highly valued and strong communication skill is essential. Demonstrated ability to manage scientists and a plus at CROs.


The position reports to the Vice President of Chemistry and will based in either Los Angeles, CA or Princeton, N.J.


Job Responsibilities

Role of a Director of Computational Drug Discovery and Structural Biology is to lead and support activities including, but not limited to:

·      Structural biology encompasses protein chemistry, crystallography (CryoEm) and Biophysics

·      Ensuring effective computational chemistry project support through firsthand work and by providing technical oversight and management of external resources at our CROs

·      Serve as an internal domain expert in computational chemistry, biophysics, and protein crystallography; identify and bring as needed external expertise in comp chem, crystallography, and biophysics and facilitate coordinated deployment of these capabilities for internal programs.

·      Assessment and implementation of effective emerging methodologies, such as cloud computing, and machine learning

·      Collaborate in the construct design and identification of amino acids for mutagenesis study

·      Impactful delivery of strategies for crystal structures (protein, RNA, DNA) and ligand-based drug design

·      Providing guidance and oversight for FTEs and other resource allocation of computational chemistry, structural biology, and biophysical resources at CROs


Qualifications of a Director of Computational Drug Discovery and Structural Biology:

  • Ph.D. in computational chemistry, and or Crystallography or related field

·      10 plus years of industry experience working across integrated drug discovery projects

·      Experience in managing a computational chemistry team internal and external

·      Experience with working closely with protein chemists, crystallographers, and biophysicist

·      Knowledge of current computational chemistry and application thereof in drug discovery

  • Extensive firsthand experience with commercial molecular modeling and data mining software
  • Ability to manage ideas from multiple sources, including colleagues, scientific literature, and patents
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills



  • Honest, ethical, diligent, innovative, and a team player
  • Flexible, open minded, ability and desire to listen to others
  • Motivate, guide, and inspire integrated teams

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