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Employer: Cynnovative

Expires: 06/01/2021

Data scientists at Cynnovative play a key role in our integrated, multi-disciplinary teams, providing statistical, methodological, and analytical support as well as machine learning expertise. As a data scientist, you will apply methods ranging from basic statistics to state-of-the art machine learning techniques to cutting-edge research to protect people, networks, and devices from cyber threats. While Cynnovative’s research is broadly defined, you can anticipate frequent opportunities to gain domain expertise in a cyber-related field during the course of normal duties.This is a research and development role. The ideal candidate is experienced with reading, understanding, and leveraging academic research across multiple domains in order to generate novel concepts and prototypes. Because Cynnovative interfaces with operational users and aspires to create practical solutions, the ideal candidate is similarly comfortable developing and deploying prototypes while addressing the practical issues inherent in operational scenarios, such as sparse or messy data. As a growing company, Cynnovative offers many leadership opportunities, including as principal investigators of future projects.