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*** Now hiring for full-time positions ***

Integra is hiring entrepreneurial and quantitatively-skilled graduates with data analytics experience who are interested in applying their skills to identify, investigate and analyze fraud in various domains, including finance, healthcare and cryptocurrencies. Integra is a boutique economic consulting and forensic analytics firm that has worked with government agencies and private entities to analyze many complex and high-profile schemes. Our team applies data science and econometric techniques and intensely values each employee to take initiative and to be curious while operating as a data detective to solve complex problems. 

Note: for the Data Scientist role, one is expected to have either a PhD or 3+ years of prior relevant work experience. For the Associate Data Scientist role, one is expected to have either an MS or 2+ years of prior relevant work experience.

Main responsibilities include:

  • Working as a data detective to examine potentially fraudulent patterns
  • Conducting background research to develop hypotheses of where fraud occurs
  • Data extraction and processing, e.g., web scraping and writing scripts to retrieve and organize data
  • Data mining: parsing free-form text fields, images and spreadsheets to derive insights
  • Data Analytics: analyzing large datasets to find insights and fraudulent patterns by thoughtfully applying the appropriate methodologies, e.g., regression and statistical analyses
  • Presentation of findings to technical and non-technical audiences


Job Qualifications:  

  • Background in Computer Science, Mathematics, or Statistics preferred
  • Familiarity with Python, SQL, R, or other scripting languages 
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel
  • Attention to detail with big-picture understanding  
  • Ability to work well in teams  
  • Highest ethical standards
  • All education levels (Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D.) welcome