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Insights from data are hard to get by. You need to be an expert in data query language like SQL to ask any question you feel like. What if you don’t know any computer language? We will build an experience for a person who doesn’t know any computer language to ask questions from data, whatever and however they want to. Thinking that’s what few companies do? They do, but with restrictive experiences. Let’s build an experience specifically for healthcare. Yes, it’s possible and proof of concept has been done. We are looking for an extra pair of hands to strengthen it and make it a reality.

InnovAccer (Innovation Accelerated) is a late stage Series-E company building a vertical healthcare cloud stack for health systems and payers to accelerate their innovation. With more than 30 health systems and 6 payer organizations, Innovaccer is impacting more than 10 million lives in the US alone by increasing quality of care by at least 10% and reducing cost of care by north of $600 Million annually.