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Looking for Rockstar US based Engineers who have been itching for an opportunity to flex their programing / Analytical skills in creating Fantabulous Next-Gen Network Technology Products. 

You will love this ecosystem if –

You are a Coder who lives, breathes, and sleeps on rapid prototyping, architecting stochastic and ML models for difficult classification problems, and promoting production-grade code to AWS backends built for scale. 

Your GitHub repo is more impressive than your résumé. 

You believe you can make an immediate impact on our team

You’re willing to work harder than you’ve ever worked before; and you fit the following profile:

You need experience in –

Prototyping full stack Python and Java applications

Modeling, munging, processing, and visualizing data from SQL and NoSQL databases in Python

Deploying to AWS cloud infrastructure, and familiarity with EC2, S3, Redshift, and RDS

Working within Agile and Scrum software development teams

Willingness to jump right in and help with almost any task in a startup environment

You should have –

An excellent understanding of Telecom Domain

A Master’s degree in Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Eng. / Com Sci Eng. from T1