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Required Skills:

Design, implement, and support key datasets that provide structured information with the needs of the end customer.

•          Build ETLs/ELTs to take data from various telemetry streams, data lakes and supporting data sources and craft a unified dimensional or star schema data model for marketing, analytics and reporting

•          Develop a deep understanding of vast data sources (existing on the cloud) and know exactly how, when, and which data to use to tackle business problems

•          Design efficient data structures and database schemas

•          Work with large-scale data sets

•          Utilize a variety of data stores including Azure Data Lakes, SQL Database, SQL Data Warehouse, and Azure Analysis Services

•          Retrieve and analyse data using SQL, Excel, Power BI and other data management systems

•          Collaborate with other teams (agencies & engineering data upstream) to maximize available resources for client support and successful outcomes.

•          Track ongoing progress of projects and deliver timely updates to leads.

•          Be knowledgeable on email best practices, technologies, and trends such as CAN-SPAM, CCPA and GDPR compliance.