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Job Description:

  • You will be assigned diverse tasks related to modern cloud security mechanisms implemented in the Industry. You are expected to be very well versed with the following skills:
  • Python 3 scripting
  • Data encryption techniques (At rest and in motion)
  • Cloud services architectures
  • Knowledge of L7 networking and information on how to interpret network traffic headers
  • Experience with other Basic understanding of common network protocols such as TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, and FTP
  • Basic understanding of Web Applications
  • Experience with tools like Wireshark, Fiddler proxy
  • Knowledge of data discovery and classification through multiple machine learning algorithms
  • Basic knowledge of NIST frameworks and popular data security compliances like PCI-DSS & ISO 27001
  • Basic knowledge of CDN, DLP & CASB
  • Must have hands-on experience over Linux OS


You will get a chance to work with one of the most experienced teams in the CASB industry and will get a glimpse of all the effort involved in building a CASB industry-leading product.


Master’s/Bachelor’s Degree with valid OPT/CPT or any valid work status. Good communication



  1. Free Health Insurance.
  2. Free Training (Upgrade).
  3. Free Accommodation