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Please apply if you are an innovative and ambitious individual who wants to help build an organisation that makes a positive global impact on society and the environment.

As a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer at Invenia Labs you will provide support to developers and researchers in identifying infrastructure bottlenecks in their code, systems, and workflows and resolving infrastructure related concerns as they pertain to and impact their work and productivity. You will work closely with other members of the team, monitor infrastructure to prevent failures. Design and implement cloud computing infrastructures in response to current needs and to anticipate future needs. 

Role Description

  • Design, implement and maintain cloud-first computing infrastructures.
  • Write and maintain related documentation.
  • Monitor IT infrastructure and repair in the event of a fault or degradation.
  • Assist developers to ensure that software systems select appropriate algorithms and intelligently and correctly leverage appropriate infrastructure elements.
  • Assist developers and researchers to adopt new technologies that improve their workflows.
  • Support the team with day-to-day IT needs and problems including support for Linux, Mac OS X/ macOS desktop and server environments. 

Desirable Qualifications

  • Experience with the AWS service portfolio. AWS Associate-level (or better) certification is preferred.
  • Experience working with Amazon Web Services and non-IaaS public-cloud provider products.
  • Experience related to virtualisation including Xen, and container platforms, such as Solaris Zones, LXC, or Docker.
  • Knowledge of Linux server environments CCNA or equivalent.
  • Some experience with low-level socket programming is an asset.
  • Some familiarity with log and metric monitoring tools such as Splunk, Graylog, Kibana, Logstash, Grafana, Graphite, and CloudWatch.
  • Knowledge of high performance and GPGPU computing concepts is an asset.
  • Some experience developing performant or scientific computing applications is an asset.