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Job Summary

A Certified Phlebotomist, is responsible for using their medical knowledge to take blood samples from patients. Their duties include preparing the testing room with the proper tools, walking study participants through the process when inserting needles and retrieving samples and labeling samples for further processing in our laboratories.


The Phlebotomist is responsible for facilitating a positive participant study experience consistent with the study protocol; organizing schedules for participant visits to study clinic; obtaining informed consent; overseeing data and biospecimen collection; and processing specimens per specifications for analysis and storage


Essential Duties & Responsibilities

●     Preparing patients before drawing blood

●     Explaining blood draw procedures to patients and answering any questions about the process

●     Following all health and safety protocols and procedures to maintain sanitary work areas

●     Gathering medical testing materials, including needles, sample vials, blood storage bags and test tubes

●     Verifying patient information and labeling blood samples properly

●     Accurately updating patient information in the organization’s database

●     Helping nervous or frightened patients remain calm during blood draws

●     Working with supervising nurses and following their directions at all times


Job Qualifications

●     Theoretical understanding and practical knowledge of human subjects’ research and ethics. (will train)

●     Certification in phlebotomy with at least 2 years’ experience.

●     Demonstrated ability to perform phlebotomy on a wide range of people

●    Ability to interact effectively with diverse groups, including co-workers, supervisor, investigators, collaborators, and study participants

●     Experience with research and project coordination in the areas of immunology (will train)

● Excellent written (using correct English grammar, spelling, and punctuation), verbal and interpersonal communication skills, including tact, diplomacy, and flexibility

●     Attention to detail and effective written and verbal communication

●     Experience and ability in working with database in a setting in which multiple users are accessing the database

●     Able to handle repetitive and stressful situations caused by high volume and deadlines

●     Must be able to adjust schedule to meet business unit requirements, which may include extended hours or early/late shifts

●     Work effectively and maintain organization while in a fast-paced environment by multi-tasking and delegating or asking for help when necessary