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This is a full-time position for recent college graduates with an interest in medicine and/or clinical research. Working with us as a clinical research coordinator is a great way to experience medicine and clinical research. You will be embedded in our clinical work and will interact closely with patients, nurses, doctors-in-training, faculty, and other staff. You will learn about the scientific, ethical, and organizational underpinnings of clinical research and medicine in general.

Our projects include but are not limited to clinical trials in infectious disease, neurology, and cardiovascular critical care, novel point-of-care test devices, behavioral health emergency, and state-of-the-art digital health innovations.

You will also have direct access to the department’s Research Director, as well as our research faculty members, who will mentor you in your career development. You will emerge from this experience with a terrific understanding of how clinical research and medicine work and your work with us will be an excellent foundation for a career in research and/or medicine.

In summary, this is a position for someone who has an interest in healthcare research and wants to plan a career in research or someone who wants to equip themselves with exposure to a fast-paced clinical environment before applying to medical, PA, nursing, or graduate schools or is preparing for medical residency.


  1. Circulate throughout the Level 1 Trauma Center emergency department, looking for patients who might be eligible to participate in particular studies.
  2. Observe and practice excellent interpersonal skills that are required to develop professional relationships with the clinical staff, so that they are receptive to research that occurs when they are very busy with routine clinical care.
  3. Explain research studies to potentially eligible research participants and their family members. Obtain their formal informed consent to participate.
  4. Obtain research measurements, such as blood tests, spirometry (a breathing test), swabs, and survey information. Adequate training will be provided to ensure that the incumbent succeeds in their role.
  5. Maintain meticulous records for all research-related activities.
  6. Respond to emails and messages (including group messages) within an hour, always using polite, professional communication. Personal mobile devices would need to be encrypted per Mass General Brigham’s policy.
  7. Liaise with study sponsors and hospital committees in a professional way.
  8. Review medical charts to collect data.
  9. Enter data into databases.
  10. Prepare and manage regulatory applications to federal and local agencies (FDA, NIH, IRB, etc.) and the related approval process.
  11. Monitor research studies throughout their duration and train other research coordinators on protocol specifics.
  12. Seek guidance immediately whenever unsure about something.
  13. Be available during the emergency department’s clinical research work hours, 7 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week. During the work hours, research assistants cover the ED in two rotary shifts, morning and evening. Some late-night stays will be required, to follow up on enrolled study patients, but you are compensated for your time. Be prepared to work night shifts if these are introduced into our program.
  14. Work with a focus on understanding the research machinery to grow towards a role in project management, if applicable.
  15. All other duties, as assigned. 



New graduate with relevant course or project work

A two-year commitment is strongly preferred

Bilingual in English and Spanish is a plus


  1. Excellent interpersonal skills are essential
  2. Excellent writing skills, with perfect formatting and grammar
  3. Ability to type well
  4. A high degree of computer literacy
  5. Familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.
  6. Ability to communicate with patients from a variety of backgrounds. Speech must be clear and professional. Speech must be easy for patients to understand, including patients who do not speak English well.
  7. Excellent organizational and data management skills, and ability to handle several responsibilities and work under a tight time constraint
  8. Careful attention to detail
  9. Ability to use tact, discretion, and sound judgment when dealing with confidential information
  10. Ability to do remote work as necessary


May serve as a study lead coordinator (as assigned).


You will be working in a large, newly renovated, Level 1 Trauma Center emergency department at Brigham and Women’s Hospital- a Harvard-affiliated teaching hospital. Also, research assistants frequently follow patients into the hospital and may collect research samples or data on hospital wards and intensive care units. The work also involves paper or electronic chart review and data entry.