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Job Summary

While working closely with department representatives, participates in a structured learning experience. Performs a variety of administrative tasks and works on various projects. In addition to the personal and academic outcomes noted by the school’s program, at the conclusion of the unpaid, non-clinical student experience at Cleveland Clinic, the intern will be able to:

• Demonstrate the ability to function as an effective team member.

• Apply theoretical knowledge and skills in an authentic business environment.

• Gain new knowledge and develop new skills to successfully engage in unfamiliar tasks and activities.

• Use theoretical knowledge and skills to solve problems.

• Assess, critique and improve her/his knowledge and skills during the internship experience.

• Adapt his/her behavior to different business audiences.

• Act professionally in various environments (e.g., mentor, team, independent, etc.) by adhering to business practices, ethical standards and project commitments.

* minimum 20 hours, maximum 40 hours per week

* June 6 – August 31, 2022


Job Details

Job Responsibilities:

  • Researches, compiles, tabulates, and analyzes data and processes for a variety of administrative and departmental matters.
  • Assists department personnel in assigned administrative, planning, organizational, technical, and professional tasks.
  • Provides suggestions or recommendations with regard to department specific projects.
  • Prepares and presents reports; drafts policies and procedures; responds to requests for information.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Current college enrollment required.