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Primary Responsibilities:

  • Assist in management and operations of a financial management center by assisting with conducting analyses of financial conditions and practices, and recommending solutions to problems.
  • Assist with a variety of assignments in the areas of budget analysis, formulation, monitoring, financial management and reporting in accordance with federal budgeting regulations, procedures, and methods. Assist with tracking expenditures of funds and reporting on the disposition of allocated funds.
  • Work with customers of diverse levels of knowledge and understanding of budgetary issues.
  • Participate in the negotiation and administration of domestic grants and cooperative agreements, to include reviewing grant proposals, evaluation of costs. Provide general administrative assistance to program officials.

Specialized Experience include all of the following:

  • Compiling information for budget estimates or reports for an organization; and
  • Utilizing automated financial management systems and/or automatic applications for budget tracking and/or analysis.

Specialty Description:

  • Grants Administration: Negotiates and administers foreign and domestic grants and cooperative agreements, including review of grant proposals, evaluation of costs, development of special provisions, and resolution of differences between grantee and grantor; provides general technical assistance to program officials. Requires extensive knowledge of grants administration, statutory and regulatory requirements, and various grants methods.
  • Budget Execution and Financial Analysis: Conducts analyses of the financial conditions and practices of organizations and programs; assesses rates, fees, and investment proposals; presents findings and recommendations to appropriate level of management; interprets and develops budget policies and procedures; recommends solutions to problems; prepares apportionments, allotments, and allocations to DoC organizational units for appropriated funding; prepares reports and supplies fiscal and budgetary data on DoC activities to DoC, OMB, and Congress.
  • Financial Management: Performs a variety of administrative management activities including review of the following for funds availability & compliance with applicable rules & regulations: procurements & bankcard purchases, use of telephones & calling cards, use of Government vehicles, utilization of FTEs, & utilization of space & facilities. Requires extensive knowledge of Federal Government financial management procedures.
Applicants should pay careful attention to all the requirements, including submission of transcripts and answering the eligibility and vacancy questions (look for “To preview questions please click here.” in the vacancy announcement).
  • * Payment of relocation incentives OR recruitment incentives may be authorized. 

The scored occupational questionnaire will evaluate you on the following competencies; please do not provide a separate written response:

  • Ability to gather, compare, and correlate information about projected costs of current and future programs and activities.
  • Knowledge of budget processes, procedures, and regulations.
  • Ability to use automated financial management systems and automation applications.
  • Ability to develop reports from information about costs and spending.
  • Ability to communicate about budgetary information orally.
  • Ability to communicate about budgetary information in writing.
  • Knowledge of grants administration methods, processes and requirements (i.e. statutory and regulatory requirements for grant administration).