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  • Want to make a tangible difference in the future of accountable care?
  • Love applying the latest technologies to solve tough problems?
  • Looking for a fulfilling career that gives you autonomy, mastery and purpose?

We are a small team of data scientists, actuaries, programmers and healthcare policy analysts who love what we do and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Join us!


Validate Health provides financial simulation, economic forecasts and actuarial risk management services for healthcare providers to thrive within the always evolving and complex value based care (VBC) models. Our mission is to enable provider accountable care organizations (ACOs) to focus on taking care of patients, while we take care of their highest impact strategic VBC decisions.


As a Data Engineer you will get to play a key role in the delivery of powerful data-driven products that enable sustainable value-based healthcare models.

  • Program in a variety of languages and platforms to automate the processing of patient-level healthcare transactions, third party data sources and aggregated public health data.
  • Serve as the data wrangler and ETL expert for the company. Ingest, transform, cleanse and augment internal and external data assets.
  • Build algorithms for fuzzy matching, de-duplication and rule-based de-identification. Fully indulge your love for math, statistics and logical problem solving.
  • Leverage the main toolsets: PostgreSQL (including dynamic SQL and PL/pgSQL), Python and its data science ecosystem (NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, etc.), Apache Airflow and AWS services (EC2, RDS, S3, Lambda, Redshift).
  • Lead data modeling, database design and performance optimization. Write SQL for defining database objects and performing large scale data manipulation. Leverage graph databases for network analysis.
  • Continuously learn by investigating and adopting new technologies.


  • Computer Science degree from a respected university program
  • Two experience levels available: (1) 5+ years of full-time experience or demonstrated accomplishments in software development. (2) Recent university graduate with Computer Science degree from a top tier program with portfolio of personal projects or relevant internship experience.
  • High level of expertise in SQL, relational database optimization, stored procedures, PL/SQL, dynamic SQL and data modeling. Understanding of or desire to learn graph database concepts.
  • Ability to demonstrate mastery of Python and its ecosystems of data manipulation libraries, through work experience or personal projects outside the classroom. (Also beneficial to have knowledge of other data science tools, such as R or SAS.)
  • Mastery of Linux command line, shell utilities and Git / GitHub.
  • Understanding of methods to ingest and process non-relational JSON and XML formatted data.
  • Experience with scalable cloud data services. AWS RDS and Redshift are preferred, but Azure or GCP are good too.
  • Familiarity with concepts used by ETL tools (such as SSIS, Informatica and Talend) is a plus, but an ability to create more purpose-built solutions by leveraging open source tools is a must. We love Open Source and so should you!
  • Must be willing to try a fun written take home “challenge” early in the interview process to help us understand your level of comfort with certain technical and analytical areas. (It’s a set of real-world problems that our team has solved in the past and also serves to give you a glimpse into what we do.)


  • Fully remote team with an environment and company culture that’s optimized to provide a fulfilling work experience and career growth opportunities to every team member, regardless the location
  • Fun, energetic, collaborative and rewarding learning environment with daily whiteboard sessions and weekly “deep thought” days
  • Opportunity for continuous personal growth and development through research projects and agile experimentation mindset towards product development
  • Profit sharing and stock options
  • Health coverage and 401K


  • Send in your latest resume to
  • Write a note explaining your long-term career goals and what makes you particularly interested in Validate and this position specifically.
  • Please include links to LinkedIn and GitHub if applicable, and any other links that you feel speak to who you are and your capabilities, such as publications, blog or portfolio.
  • Specify the date you’re available to start work, visa/citizenship status, and any sponsorship requirements. (Must be in the U.S. and available full-time within 2 months.)
  • Indicate that you’re willing to go through our hiring process: Screening video interview ⇒ Written “Challenge” skills questions ⇒ 2-3 culture and skills interviews ⇒ Meet the team and micro project. (Elapsed time from first response to job offer could be within 7 days.)
  • Add “Data Engineer via Handshake” to the subject line

**Note: While we support hosting OPT candidates and apply annually for the H1B lottery, we have not been able to get selected for the lottery for prior employees.