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Expires: 07/31/2021

DescriptionThe 2-Year Avangrid Engineering Development Program is designed toprovide a range of development activities, focused on engineering and leadership, to help recent university graduates establish critical skills as they gaina well-rounded experience within our organization. These carefully structured experiences will expose participants to eachof the key elements of our development process:•     Close cooperation between employee and management•     Ongoing coaching and mentoring Cross-functional exposure•     Leadership and soft skills training seminars•     Technical Training Track for advanced certifications and/or degreesThe 2-year rotational development program is designed to developcritical skills by providing participants an opportunity to experience arange of placement assignments and environments as they establish broadexperience within Engineering. The rotational experiences will helpdevelop a view of the “big picture” and capabilities in numerous areasimportant to engineering. These rotations could include experiencesOrange, CT, Rochester/Binghamton, NY and Augusta/Portland, ME. The core of this program consists of rotating job assignments. For eachassignment, participants will be required to meet specific outcomes andexecute project plans. Each rotation starts with setting goals and milestones based on the competencies sought in a leader. An appraisal is performed at the end of each rotation to assess theparticipant’s performance overall and specific to the goals and milestones established for that rotation. Along with rotations, members also are given opportunities to work onProcess Improvement projects that relate to their rotations. Requirement:•     Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Electrical Engineering •     Solid academic standing with a GPA of 3.5 and above•     Engineering co-op or internship experience preferred;•     Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;•     Demonstrated strong leadership and/or proven technical skills;•     Highly motivated and takes initiative;•     Able to relocate for positions as required