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About Blue Ridge Partners…

At Blue Ridge Partners, we focus exclusively on helping companies accelerate profitable revenue growth. We have earned high marks from private equity firms by delivering material, rapid and cost-effective results for them and their portfolio companies. We selected this area of specialization because revenue growth is the #1 driver of value creation—58% of all value creation comes from revenue growth.

In accelerating growth, we consider strategic growth options such as entering new end markets, expanding geographically, and adding new products and services. We also help strengthen company execution by enhancing sales force effectiveness, optimizing channel performance, improving marketing programs, optimizing pricing, and strengthening sales and marketing leadership skills.

Most of our senior leaders come from large strategy consulting firms, but they have also led businesses. These combined experiences yield a natural focus on strategic issues in complex markets, with a highly pragmatic approach and a focus on implementation.

We work with Fortune 500, middle market companies and private equity firms and their portfolio companies to analyze their revenue engine performance, identify opportunities for improvement and then work side by side with our clients to implement action plans that drive incremental revenues and the margins associated with those revenues. Since 2002, our firm has worked with over 700 companies in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia/Pacific.

The Associate Role…

Our Associates work to identify revenue growth opportunities, with significant responsibility for designing and performing financial and marketing analyses, developing recommendations for action, delivering client communications and presentations, and supporting implementations.

At Blue Ridge You Will…

· Have a seat at our clients’ tables. Very often starting with Project #1, we will provide you with unparalleled opportunity for impactful work and exposure to C-level executives seeking your counsel.

· Experience variety. Our small-team approach and fast-moving projects (typical length 6 weeks) build broad and deep expertise by giving our Associates exposure to a wide variety of industries and analyses. Our Associates become experts for our clients at the highly valued skill of understanding and driving top line revenue growth.

· Experience strong work-life balance. Due to the nature of our consulting engagements, travel time is typically far less than that of other traditional consulting firms. Our Associates do NOT experience a “Road Warrior” life. Additionally, our virtual environment further supports a strong work-life balance.

· Enjoy the benefits of a virtual office environment. Blue Ridge Partners has colleagues you will be working with located in Boston, Chicago, Washington, DC, Dallas, NYC, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. When not at a client site or in a team meeting, Blue Ridge Partners enables you to work with your teams from a home office, reducing travel time and stress while increasing flexibility, the ability to focus on work during work hours, and the comfort of working from your own home office.

· Grow. We view our Associates as future Managers and Principals. Our small project team sizes and boutique company size provides you with unparalleled access to our firm’s Managers and Partners, and provides the opportunities, exposure, and mentorship necessary to succeed in a long-term career in consulting at Blue Ridge.


We are seeking highly motivated individuals who want to help us to continue to develop a rapidly growing and successful company. Successful Associates typically have:

– At least 2 years of work experience that required strong “problem-solving” and analytical skills

– Demonstrated leadership experience, with tangible results and impact

– Consulting or other professional services experience helpful

– The demonstrated ability to design and execute high-quality work independently and in teams.

– Strong communication skills and ability to make senior level client presentations

– Bachelor’s in business, marketing, economics, engineering, or similar discipline from a top-tier school

– An MBA or other advanced degree from a top-tier school

– Currently live within one hour of one of our hubs (Boston, DC, NYC, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Cleveland) 

Please submit resumes to: Erin Simonsen at