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Analysis Professional

Lone Star’s Analysis Professional position category, which includes a number of Science, Technology, and Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) roles as well as Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Operations Research and Management Sciences (OR/MS).

These positions requires the ability to fulfil duties and responsibilities such as:

·   Develop plans for assessments and discovery, within a disciplined process framework

·   Support research to frame models and simulations for Lone Star clients and, for Lone Star

·   Support research to develop inputs for models and simulations for clients and, for Lone Star

·   Discovery and analysis across multiple disciplines and domains

·   Working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), incorporate their knowledge framework in models

·   Working with SMEs to incorporate their quantitative estimates in models

·   Work in a probabilistic context

·   Comply to disciplined processes and be aware of Conflicts of Interest (COI)

Particular importance is placed on:

·   Collaboration and team based technology development, audits and peer reviews

·   Ability to travel to client sites

·   Ability to work across a number of industries (Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Telecom, Technology, Human Performance, Training, Training Systems, and others as required)

Other desirable experience:

·   Use of data subscription services

·   Use of data bases, data base scripting, enquires

·    Integrating cross-domain factors into modeling, simulation and decisions

·   Familiarity with knowledge and data collection

·   Technical skills in data acquisition (elicitation, facilitation, research)

·   Proficiency in SME evaluation, recruitment and elicitation

·   Years of work experience in discipline varies with Position Category level

Typical education and experience expectations for this position:

·   Varies with Position Category level 

Expectations do not include:

·   All of the attributes in one candidate

·   Significant experience in for Level 1 candidates

Other Information:

Lone Star’s normal requirements apply, in addition to these job specific attributes. This job is expected to fit within Lone Star’s Level 1-2 position categories. Lone Star is an equal opportunity employer; see the company website for more information about Lone Star and how we hire;