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The Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority (RTAA) is seeking a qualified candidate with experience in construction and/or grounds maintenance to join our Airfield Maintenance team as an Airfield Technician I / II / III. The RTAA offers a positive, professional work environment that values teamwork, honesty, respect, recognition, integrity, innovation, versatility and excellence. If this sounds like an environment in which you would THRIVE, the RTAA is a wonderful place to make a career!

This position is in a progressively staffed class series. The selected individual has the ability to advance through the series when the requisite knowledge and skills have been obtained. In addition, this position qualifies for a $1000 recruitment bonus paid in three installments at 3 months ($250) six months ($250), and one year ($500).


At the RTAA, our Airfield Technicians are key to helping keep the Reno-Tahoe International Airport and Reno-Stead Airport operational and safe for aircraft. Airfield Technicians work individually, and as part of a team, outdoors, performing a variety of tasks for the routine and emergency construction, maintenance and repair of the airfield and grounds. The nature of the work offers a wide range of variety, a unique environment, and the chance to learn and develop new skills with an organization that will help support you in the pursuit of your career aspirations.  

Key Accountabilities​​​:

Airfield Technician I Performs duties under close supervision and is the entry level in the series.

·        Perform carpentry, painting, building maintenance and custodial work involved in the repair and maintenance of airfield facilities.

·        Perform maintenance and repairs to asphalt and concrete pavements.

·        Assist in painting runways, taxiways, curbs, street, and parking facility markings.

·        Assist in sign fabrication and installation.

·        Maintain and repair security gates and fences.

·        Maintain landscaping by cutting and trimming grass, trees, and shrubs.

·        Clean grounds of wastepaper and debris; pick-up trash; empty trash dumpsters; operate cardboard bailer and compactor; keep airside and landside areas free of hazards and debris; support the RTAA recycling program.

·        Perform glycol recovery operations.

·        Perform minor repairs and maintenance on tools and equipment.

·        Operate light and heavy motorized construction equipment and power tools including snowplows, street sweepers, water trucks, dump trucks, front loaders, motor grader, backhoe, mowers, forklifts and air compressors, jackhammers, pavement sealing equipment; assists in excavating, landscaping, and demolition duties.

·        Participate in snow removal utilizing specialized equipment and hand tools.

Airfield Technician IIPerforms duties under general supervision and is distinguished from the Airfield Technician I by partially autonomous performance of a full-range of duties. Performs Airfield Technician I duties as required and:

·        Repair and maintain the airfield and surrounding areas.

·        Recognize and respond to potential hazards.

·        Provide training to lower-level Technicians.

·        This position may be deemed to be essential personnel as part of RTAA’s Emergency Response Team and may be required to respond to airport incidents as requested/required.

Airfield Technician IIIPerforms duties under limited supervision and is distinguished from the Airfield Technician II by performance of the full-range of duties. Performs Airfield Technician I and II duties as required, and:

  • Apply striping and markings to runways, taxiways, curbs, streets, and parking facilities.
  • Preform sign fabrication and installation.
  • Lay-out marking and striping projects. 
  • Perform irrigation system maintenance, installation, and repair.
  • Provide training to lower-level Technicians.
  • Perform as Emergency Staging Area Coordinator.
  • This position is considered essential personnel as part of RTAA’s Emergency Response team and may be required to respond to airport emergencies as requested/required.